Gamium Community Pre-Sale Round of $GMM
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Gamium Begins Community Pre-Sale Round of $GMM

On the 14th of March, Gamium Corp announced the Community Pre-Sale Round of the $GMM token. This sale comes after a successful whitelisting. With no less than 285,000 members registering for this presale. Details of this private offering are as follows.

Details of the Gamium Community Pre-Sale Round of $GMM

The Gamium Community Pre-Sale Round will run from 12 PM on the 14th of March to 12 PM on March 18th. During this period, only whitelisted addresses will be able to purchase $GMM tokens. In addition, the price for $GMM is 0.0003 $BUSD per unit. Also, investors will be able to spend up to 250 $BUSD when making purchases.

How to Participate in the Gamium Community Pre-Sale Round of $GMM

  • Prepare the Metamask wallet used for whitelisting. Ensure it has a BSC (BEP20) address and has enough $BUSD tokens.
  • Visit the Gamium Community Pre-Sale website to purchase $GMM tokens during this round.
  • Connect your wallet to the website.
  • Input the amount of $GMM tokens you will like to purchase and the system will calculate its equivalent in $BUSD for you.
  • Complete the purchase and confirm receipt of $GMM tokens before you logout/close your browser.

Gamium Corp will like to use this opportunity to notify its community members that $GMM is not listed on any platform. The only means of getting this token is through the community pre-sale round. A listing will be made available soon. When that happens, Gamium will notify its community members.

The $GMM Token

$GMM is the native token of Gamium’s Decentralized Social Metaverse. Thr game looks to interconnect all Metaverses and unite different virtual worlds where your Avatar’s dreams come true. As the native token, $GMM enables users make the most of this innovative virtual world. With this token, users can purchase Lands, buy NFTs and use them to customize their avatars. By holding, they also get to enjoy several governance benefits.

Gamium Metaverse Land Sale

Gamium Metaverse Land

Speaking of Lands, Gamium is set to announce its land sale this week. The game already gave insights to different neighbors within its metaverse. In that announcement, it also mentioned that Lands in the Sat Neighborhood will be offered first for sale. Sat Neighborhood is located in Genesis City (Central City) and the Cental City is made up of habitable Lands.

Besides Genesis City , there are also 10 inhabitable Neighborhoods. Like in the Central City, these neighborhoods have different islands and different districts. In total, there are only 65,536 LANDs for sale. According to Gamium, the limited availability of Land within its metaverse is ensures value and rarity.

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