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Crabada Introduces Week 33 Arena Challenge

The play-to-earn idle game on Avalanche, Crabada, has announced the start of its Week 33 Arena Challenge. Top-ranking participants in the Arena Challenge will receive rewards in USDC, Material Chests, and Ruby.

According to the game platform, it modified some rules and base Arena mechanics to keep the weekly challenge entertaining and fresh for all participants.

What are the Rules are Mechanics?

The Crabada Level limit for this week’s event is 150. That means participants in the Arena battles for the week can participate at a maximum level of 150. Also, the platform will refill Arena Tickets every two hours instead of four hours to a maximum of six tickets. 

An Active Shiny Crabada with an active Potion has a 30% chance of transforming into a corresponding Legend Crabada. This depends significantly on the Potion it has. When a Crabada is transformed, its visual changes to a legendary one and it will utilize legendary pincer skills.

The game mentioned that all other elements remain unchanged, including the Crabada eye effects and stats.

crabada week 33

More Highlights of the Week 33 Arena Challenge

For this Week’s Arena Challenge, Crabada stated that a successful Defense would not earn AP, but it will deduct AP when a Defense is unsuccessful. Also, the game UI will only display two Crabada in the lineup of your opponent, and one will be hidden.

This is classified as a secret Weapon. The platform has reversed Faction Advantage for this week, and participants can find more information on the game page. Meanwhile, the Formation Advantage will appear as normal during this week’s challenge.

Also, a player can split into various tiers according to the AP amount they have. It is worth mentioning that Crabada will deduct different AP amounts from an Arena defeat, which will depend on the base deduction amount and the player’s tier. Players can find the details of the tiers on the game’s platform.

Highlights of Points and Rewards

According to the game platform, the top ten players in the Arena will receive variable USDC rewards. The value of the rewards is based on the fees collected. The game said it will send the USDC rewards directly to the winners’ wallets. Other highlights worth noting include:

  • 500 top-ranked Arena players will receive Rubies and Material Chests. The Material Chests are eligible for up to 10,000 times multipliers.
  • All participants in this week’s Arena Challenge will receive Crystal Shells.
  • Players ranked below 500 will also get User EXP.

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