Embrace Your Future as Star Atlas Unveils Player-Driven Economy
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Embrace Your Future as Star Atlas Unveils Player-Driven Economy

Star Atlas wants you to be in control of your future. They’ve created a game where players like you can shape the economy and make things happen.

Let’s dive into the ways they’re making it possible for you to adapt, benefit, and take charge of this amazing gaming experience.

Getting More Resources: Claim Stakes Lead the Way

Firstly, the platform is making sure you have plenty of important resources like ammo, food, fuel, and toolkits (R4). They’re doing this by giving you more Claim Stakes, which let you generate resources. The higher your Claim Stake level, the more resources you get. So, it’s time to unleash the full potential of your faction’s land claims.

Claim Stakes for Everyone: Seizing Opportunities

Secondly, everyone must have the chance to join in. They’re making half of the remaining Claim Stakes available for sale in the ATLAS market pair. And guess what? They’re giving you a 20% discount on the listed price! This means more players can get their hands on these valuable assets. Also, the rest of the Claim Stakes will still be there for purchase at the regular price.

Getting More Resources: Claim Stakes Lead the Way

Getting More Resources: SAGE: Escape Velocity

Thirdly, your actions matter in Star Atlas. When you explore SAGE: Escape Velocity, you’ll find that the amount of resources you can get has increased by almost eight times! That means more resources for your Faction Fleet to keep the game going smoothly. Get ready for an adventure through space and earn great rewards!

Changing the Economy: A Smooth Transition

Star Atlas is making changes to create a player-driven economy that lasts. They won’t be selling R4 resources in the Galactic Marketplace anymore. But don’t worry! They’ll keep a 30-day supply of resources available for Faction Fleet ships until they run out. So, this gives you enough time to adjust and adapt to the new economy.

Balancing Supply and Demand: Making It Work

Star Atlas wants to make sure the game economy is fair and balanced. They’re increasing the number of R4 resources available, so there’s enough for everyone. This opens exciting opportunities for you to succeed in the game. Get ready to make your mark in this amazing universe!

Claim Stakes and How They Help You in Star Atlas

Finally, Claim Stakes are the key to success in the game. So, if you joined the ReBirth campaign in 2021 or other campaigns in 2022/23, you might already have Claim Stakes. Check your inventory on the official website of Star Atlas to find out. Use them in the Faction Claims app to generate resources and create your own destiny in this incredible universe.

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