Decentraland Game Jam Set to Drop By June 19
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Decentraland Game Jam Set to Drop By June 19

Decentraland is set to launch another edition of the Game Jam on the 19th of June. Creators will be opportune once again to discover and utilize various tools while earning massive rewards.

This announcement comes after the full launch of the Decentraland SDK. The team has been working toward another edition of this competition. With this tool now in full development, Decentraland is offering players the opportunity to use its complete version.

Details of the Decentraland Game Jam

The Game Jam is a competition that is aimed at designers. These creative individuals get the opportunity to utilize various tools within the metaverse to create experiences. Individuals will use their intuition to come up with various entries that will make gameplay in the virtual world more exciting.

Details of the Decentraland Game Jam

This edition of the Game Jam will begin on the 19th of June. Participants will have from that date till the 10th of July. Despite the early announcement, Decentraland did not give comprehensive details about this contest. Nonetheless, there will likely be a follow-up press release highlighting critical information.

SDK 7 Full Release Now Out

As mentioned earlier, the Decentraland Game Jam will feature a complete version of the SDK 7. On the 6th of June, the team announced that this tool is now developed beyond the beta mode. This new edition features a better performance, an update of features, and an expansion of the external library.

SDK 7 Full Release Now Out

The full version of SDK 7 makes development easier for content creators. This is because of the introduction of the Decentraland Editor scene builder. Players will be able to maintain full control of in-game scenes when building them visually.

Furthermore, this upgraded version allows people to enjoy seamless gameplay without overworking the creators for optimization. This means that creators focus solely on the building aspect. The system will auto-optimize gameplay features. More so, this tool is now available for use on other platforms.

Other features of the full SDK version include:

  • Raycasts upgrades and local ways of determining functions.
  • New UI system that enables creators to build any scene they want.
  • Optimization of internal message flow to improve performance.
  • Latest TypeScript to enable users to access Map () attribute and other features.
  • Additional external JavaScript libraries.

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