Axie Infinity Launches Filipino Fiesta Contest and Fortune Chests
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Axie Infinity Launches Filipino Fiesta Contest and Fortune Chests

Axie Infinity is launching the Filipino Fiesta Contest in celebration of the country’s Independence Day. Being one of the major communities of this game, there will be unique benefits to players from this region. The team is also offering a first-time feature that Lunacians from the Philippines will enjoy.

Details of the Axe Infinity Filipino Fiesta Contest

Details of the Axe Infinity Filipino Fiesta Contest

The Philippines Independence Day celebration will take place on the 12th of June. However, Axie Infinity does not want to limit the fund to a one-day event. Instead, this competition will begin on the 9th of June and continue will the 13th of June. Within this period, players will be opportune to engage in Origins battles and earn various rewards.

The Filipino Fiesta Contest is special. As a result, there will be unique rewards for participants from the country. Some of the benefits include unique avatars and stickers. The team promises to unveil Filipino-themed decoration rewards that participants will benefit from.

Although this contest is open to everyone, interested contestants must meet certain criteria to become eligible. The first step is earning Fortune Chests. These are digital items that unlock the missions that players can undertake to earn rewards.

Fortune Chests

Axie Infinity is launching Fortune Chests as part of the Filipino Fiesta Contest. These in-game assets contain various digital items and are also keys that players can use to access missions. Players who complete these tasks they access via the mystery boxes will earn more rewards.

There are different categories of these Fortune Chests. Players will unlock these items according to their positions on the leaderboard. Higher-ranking participants have significant chances of getting rarer boxes. The Aurora Chest, for example, has a 3% maximum drop rate. However, anyone who obtains it has the probability of earning 100,000 $SLP.

However, the prize pool is not limited to only veterans. Newbies and amateur players have a decent chance of earning the Bronze Chest. This box guarantees between 10 and 1,000 Runes. In addition, low-ranking participants who receive this box may also get $SLP and other rewards.

Meanwhile, these digital assets are most valuable during the Filipino Fiesta. Therefore, players should unlock their boxes between the 9th and 13th of June to receive the maximum benefits. Anyone who opens theirs after the event will only receive a single moonshard. This is regardless of what type of chest they have. More so, users cannot earn Fortune Chests if their daily Stamina is exhausted.

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