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Nova Rally Set to Hold its Cosmetics Sale on September 1st

Nova Rally, a racing strategy game on WAX, will hold its Cosmetics Sale on September 1, 2022. The game is set to launch in the 3rd quarter of the year, and in preparation for the launch, Nova Rally will launch its cosmetics sale this week to get gamers ready for the adventure.

Highlights of Items for Sale

  • Statutes: These guarantee players a Founders’ Cosmetic Skin for the unique character they receive the Statures of.
  • Emotes: These are perfect for special moments, such as rams, overtaking, and spinning out on corners that can be labeled with automatic-equipped emotes.
  • Decals: These designs will look great on your car as you can use them to equip your car and show them off while racing.
  • Music Tapes: With these, you can have the Theme Song of your character played on the podium whenever you are victorious. Music Tapes also offer BOOST token every hour and you can spend these in-game.

What is the Cost of Each Cosmetics Pack?

  • Statue Pack: $15 in WAX – This includes 1 Statue NFT, to airdrop the Characters Cosmetic Skin NFT Rare. Buyers also have an opportunity to get special Meta Statues with unique Metallic Skin.
  • Emotes: $5 in WAX – This contains 1 Emote NFT
  • Decals: $15 in WAX – This includes 3 Decals NFTs
  • Music Tape: $15 in WAX – This has 1 Music NFT

nova rally

What is the Duration of the Cosmetics Sale Event?

The Nova Rally Cosmetics Sale will run for a month. After the event, none of the NFTs included in the sale will ever be available again. Gamers have the rare chance of scoring some Founder Cosmetics and becoming the OGs for many years.

Usage of the Cosmetics

  • Statues: These will give the holders an exclusive 3D Cosmetic Skin for each Character Statue, and they can display the statutes in their in-game Garages. Owners can also use their Statutes to import characters into other game metaverses. 
  • Emotes: Gamers can use these for auto-trigger during rams, failed corners, or overtakes.
  • Decals: These give additional spices to your car with some exquisite designs, which you can apply to your bonnet.
  • Music Tapes: The Character Themes in Volume II of this Music Tapes have Dally, Optimus, Zyca, Steven, and King Earl as their components. The tapes also have a 20% chance of selecting a Traffic Jam song that can relax any characters when they find themselves among other 40-car pileups.

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