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Genopets Launches the BTC Babies Ordinal Mint on Magic Eden

Genopets has launched the BTC Babies Ordinal Mint on the Magic Eden marketplace. This NFT collection features 300 unique digital assets. The sale will feature a whitelist and general sale. Owners of the Genesis Genopet and Habitat will be automatically whitelisted and access these in-game items 3 hours before the public sale takes place.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that there are more qualified whitelisters than available NFTs. Therefore, not everyone on the allowlist will get to mint NFTs. Nonetheless, Genopets will design a system that will give everyone a fair chance at minting.

If you meet the criteria above, follow these steps to join the exclusive list:

  • Sign in to Atlas3 using your Twitter or Discord account.
  • Access the Genopets Bitcoin Baby Whitelist page
  • Link your Bitcoin Wallet to your Atlas3 account.
  • Approve the Bitcoin Address request.
  • Click on “Enter the Giveaway” to complete the process.

All You Need to Know About the Genopets BTC Babies Ordinal NFT Collection

All You Need to Know About the Genopets BTC Babies Ordinal NFT Collection

Earlier on, Genopets announced that it will be entering into a strategic partnership with Magic Eden. Part of the collaboration includes the BTC Babies Ordinal collection on this NFT marketplace. This is a limited edition digital item that will enable players to bank more steps.

While there are 300 NFTs in this sale, only 200 will be available for purchase via the launchpad. The other 100 will be set aside for treasury and giveaway purposes. Meanwhile, the price of each Baby Ordinal is 0.1 $BTC. In addition, buyers will also cover the cost of gas fees. Therefore, investors are advised to consider this additional price when making arrangements.

The whitelist sale will begin at 15:30 UTC on the 13th of April. Subsequently, the general sale will go live by 18:30 UTC on the 13th of April.

Meanwhile, Genopets did not share further details about the format that this event will take. They did not state if there is a specific amount of the NFT set aside for the whitelist or general sale. Nonetheless, interested buyers can join the game’s discord server or follow its Twitter Handle to get more updates.

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