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Great Lakes Gaming Announces Pit of Valor Tournament for August 24th

Great Lakes Gaming has announced that the next edition of the Pit of Valor Tournament will hold on the 24th of August. This will be an open contest for every player in the North American region. They will be contending for the $250 prize pool. While unveiling the competition, community gaming outlines that it will prioritize entries from GLGCC members. However, there will be no special list or insured access.

The contest will feature several servers and be open to users above 13yrs of age. Furthermore, the lowest average ping difference will determine the server selection. To join in, players must enable the Tournament Mode. The lobbies must take place on a server both parties agree to. If either fails to agree on a platform, the system will choose a central one for them. More so, participants must join their matches promptly. There will be a 5 minutes grace period. Delays are prohibited unless live support permits it. If you hold up a duel without the consent of GLC staff, you will forfeit the game and lose that round.

The contest will use utilize the following maps:

  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Haven
  • Icebox
  • Breeze
  • Fracture
  • Pearl

How to Join the Pit of Valor Tournament

The Pit of Valor Tournament will go live at 5:30 PM EST on the 24th of August. If you are looking to join this contest, follow these steps:

  • Create an account and click on Join Tournament.
  •  Join the GLG Discord Server. The coordination of matches will occur on the #GAMENAME channel. In addition, the team will also be assisting participants via chat.
  • After joining the server, navigate to your Account Settings. Proceed to add your GAME NAME as the username in the ‘Platform Links’ tab. This makes it easy to match you against other players.

Before battles begin, the captain must check in the entire team. This takes place 60 minutes before the tournament starts. If you do not complete this process, your team will not be seeded. It must be done 10 minutes before the contest. Teams will consist of 7 players and have 2 extra for subs.

Rules Guiding this Contest

Pit of Valor Tournament Rules and Format

  • The host team should add and invite the opposing player. However, both teams are ultimately responsible for this.
  • Quickly add your opponents so that the duel can begin immediately.
  • Always Cooperate With Admins and be honest in your response
  • Respect each other and avoid making hate speeches. Violating this rule will lead to match forfeiture.
  • Do not take body shots personal.
  • Keep team and player names clean. Judgement is left up to the tournament organizers (Nothing discriminatory, sexual, keep it PG-13)
  • GLC may ask you to change your name. Failure to do it within24 hours before the start time will remove your team.

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