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Arbitrum Nova Blockchain Open to Game Developers

Arbitrum Nova opens its blockchain for developers who want to create games or social projects. While making this update public, it also hinted at the release of a whitelist. This chain looks to solve the problems associated with security and the cost of transactions. The bridge is also available for those looking to migrate their projects.

Last week, the team shared the mainnet migration plans to transfer Arbitrum One to Nitro. It will complete this process by the 31st of August 2022. In other news, Reddit will deploy its community points system to Nova. The process will begin with two communities.

Getting Started Arbitrum Nova Blockchain

Arbitrum Nova is a blockchain that offers ultra-low transaction costs and maximum security. It focuses on gaming and social projects that engage in a high volume of transfers. These firms are looking to reduce the cost of operation without compromising safety.

If you want to get started with this chain, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to migrate your project to the Nova network via the Arbitrum bridge. Those existing on the Ethereum mainnet will find the transfer process more accessible. On the system, you can switch between Abritum Nova and Abritrum One.
  • Start by configuring your RPC endpoint to and your ChainID to 42170, respectively. There are also tutorials to guide developers with minimal experience.
  • If you want to deploy on the testnet, you should use Arbitrum Goerli. This is the long-term test version of the blockchain. This chain is similar to Nova, with the transaction fees and development experience being the only differences.
  • Devs on Arbitrum One who want to move to the Nova network should carefully review this document. Kindly note that the latter is built on the Nitro stack. You must ensure your smart contracts can work with Nitro before migrating.
  • The developer documentation is the resource that every team will use. It contains necessary information regarding chain-specific configuration (RPC and ID) and other deployment instructions.

It is important to note that projects can begin using either the mainnets or testnet immediately after migrating.

The Inaugural Data Availability Committee

Arbritum Launches Nitro Mainnet

August is a hectic period for the Arbitrum Nova blockchain. As part of its plans to offer affordable transfer fees, the team is announcing the inaugural Data Availability Committee. Those selected are tech industry leaders with significant impact and user base. More importantly, these firms firmly believe in the potential of decentralized applications.

These are the members of that organization. Below are the members:

  • Consensys
  • FTX
  • Google Cloud
  • Offchain Labs
  • P2P
  • Quicknode
  • Reddit

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