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Decentral Games Introduces Ice Poker Tournament Mode

A free metaverse poker game, Decentral Games, is set to introduce a new Ice Poker Tournament Mode. This is the platform’s latest Sit-n-Go tournament game mode that will launch soon. 

The game mode is a fast-paced, single-elimination, 6-player game tournament that lets players compete against each other for a chance to win badges. These badges are redeemable for huge prizes, including $ICE tokens, $xDG tokens, and ICE wearable.

What are the Benefits of the Tournament Mode to the Decentral Games Ecosystem?

The Tournament Mode will significantly benefit the game metaverse in different ways. Here are highlights of these benefits:

  • Offer an accelerated path for highly skilled gamers to own wearables
  • Provide additional utility and organic demand for the $ICE token
  • Burning of $ICE tokens

It is worth mentioning that at the launch, the Tournament Mode will be available on both the mobile platform, ICE Poker Flex, and the metaverse experience. The first phase of the new game mode launch will be on ICE Poker Flex.


How the Decentral Games Tournament Mode Work

Each tournament starts with six players on the game table and the game begins with 10/20 blinds. It increases at pre-set time intervals all through the tournament. The tournament comes to an end when only one player is remaining at the table.

To play the Tournament Mode, players need to have an ICE wearable with Shine. It can be a Flex wearable, Tournament wearable, or All Access wearable. Note that each wearable type offers access to the Tournament Mode on different platforms.

The Tournament wearable and All Access wearable give access to ICE Poker Flex and Ice Poker Metaverse, and the Flex wearable gives access to only the Ice Poker Flex. You can purchase Tournament wearable after the launch of the Tournament Mode on Ice Poker Flex for 1000 $ICE.

What is Shine?

Shine is required to participate in tournaments and each wearable is allocated Shine. A newly minted Tournament wearable begins with 9 shines while All Access wearables and Flex wearables have 0 Shine. When you enter a tournament, Shine is deducted from your wearable.

The volume of Shine you need as an entry cost will depend on the platform, venue, and event. You need to burn $ICE on the Decentral Games account page to add Shine to your wearable. Here are the costs of different amounts of Shine and the prices:

  • +20 Shine: 2,000 $ICE
  • +9 Shine: 1,000 $ICE
  • +4 Shine: 500 $ICE

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