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Samurai Saga Holds Public Mint Today, January 6, 2022

Samurai Saga, a play-to-earn blockchain-based game platform, is set to hold its public mint today, January 6, 2022, at 7 pm EST. A total of 9,999 uniquely hand-crafted cyber Samurai NFTs have been created and during the public mint, these NFTs would be made available to the public for purchase. 

Interested participants in the public mint are required to connect their wallets to the game platform to participate. Suffice to mention that a raffle system has already been put in place to ensure that all registered and whitelisted participants are given equal chances. The lucky winners in the raffle draw will have the opportunity to mint before the public sale.

Highlights of the Samurai Saga Public Mint

For the public sale taking place at 7 pm EST on January 6, a total of 463 NFTs will be available to current Samurai Holders. These would be available for purchase through the Samurai Saga OpenSea platform. 

Suffice to mention that each Samurai Saga NFT holder will have the opportunity to mint a maximum of five NFTs. It should be noted that snapshots of the wallets that are allowed for the event will be revealed twelve hours before the mint event. 

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Benefits for Samurai Saga NFT Holders

Holders of Samurai Saga NFTs will also have access to other benefits. If you have at least three NFTs in your wallet prior to the public mint event when the game platform takes a snapshot, you will get an additional NFT for free

If you have 3 NFTs, you will receive 1 free NFT. If you have 6 NFTs, you will get 2 free NFTs. Holders with 9 NFTs will get additional 3 free NFTs. You do not have to claim or pay for the NFTs. They will be sent to your wallet after the completion of the public mint event.

More about the Samurai Saga Game

Samurai Saga game is themed around the war against evil. Samurai is a team of warriors equipped to defend the world from evil. They include rare legends, champions, and foot soldiers with unique traits

Each Samurai is generated from more than 350 unique traits, such as physical features, backgrounds, and weapons. They live on the Ethereum Blockchain and are hosted in IPFS and stored as ERC-721 tokens.

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