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SYN CITY Partners with the Binance NFT for the Launch of its (IGO)

SYN CITY, the first Mafia Metaverse has partnered with Binance NFT to launch its IGO on December 9, 2021, at 1 pm UTC. The event will feature a limited edition of its blueprint NFTs and community members would be able to purchase the available NFTs in the marketplace. 

The game platform also announced the introduction of its revolutionary MAFIA, which will feature as a DAO system in the Metaverse. Players will have the opportunity to participate in daily events, PvP, PvE, and numerous Syndicate events, including cross-chain Mafia wars

Community members can join a syndicate and operate businesses while taxing their underlings and paying homage to their bosses. 

What is the SYN CITY?

SYN City is an NFT-based action-packed adventure RPG game where players can acquire, trade, expand, and manage members of their syndicates. By completing challenges and participating in events, players will be able to climb to the top in SYN CITY where the bosses are. 

binance and syn city

The journey would not be easy, according to the information available on the game platform, but it will be worth it. Players can look forward to lucrative and fun game activities like never before.

How Does The Game work?

Gamers have the opportunity to become bosses and control businesses and turfs while they raid and loot other syndicates to expand their empire. As they complete tasks, they will be able to build their crew and poach other players’ crews to earn currency and reputation in re-playable battles

The game requires that players develop strategies to enable them to build powerful and ruthless empires supported by strong syndicates of friends, enemies, and peers. As they grow in the game, they can build business empires and earn assets through raiding, farming, trading, looting lending/borrowing, building and owning businesses, and performing other Mafia activities.

They can also go to war with other criminal syndicates to dominate the world. To grow in ranks, they have to fight the worst, biggest, and ruthless criminal syndicates in different syndicate events, PvP, and PvE to build rank in the metaverse.

Owners of the blueprint will have the opportunity to obtain in-game assets. These Blueprints will act as the foundation for in-game assets as they will offer perks and incentives to holders within the SYN CITY. These Blueprint assets are upgradable through different mechanisms, such as training, PvP, and PvE battles, modifying, staking, lending/borrowing, and Gacha.

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