Nakamoto Games Releases the Outlanders MMORPG
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Nakamoto Games Releases the Outlanders MMORPG

Nakamoto Games is expanding its ecosystem with each passing week. More so, it is diversifying its gameplay portfolio with every new development. Earlier on, it launched the Spooky Run – an endless runner game. Not long after, it announces the development of an 8 Ball Pool. This time around, it is launch the Outlanders – an exciting MMORPG.

This new addition will employ innovative move-to-earn mechanism that will ensure a very smooth user experience. Thereby luring an army of new players to the world of GameFi.  Not long after the informing the public of the launch of this new project, its roadmap was also released.

Details of the Outlanders MMORPG by Nakamoto Games

Six months ago, this gaming outlet launched its mainnet. After which the total number of players grew to 116,793 globally in a short time. The crypto-gaming market grew by 2,000% since 2021. It also accounts for more than 50% of all blockchain activity, with around 900,000 players login in daily. Looking at the stats of Nakamoto below, it is safe to say that it contributed significantly to the number.

Despite the milestones, GameFi is still experiencing some challenges. Despite boasting of close to 3 billion participant, there is hardly any clear strategy to onboard new players. However, this blockchain games development company believes it has the solution to this problem.

Outlanders is an immersive and high-quality MMORPG by Nakamoto Games that is set for release in July 2022. To help onboard new players with no blockchain experience, this game will be available to both crypto and non-crypto players. In addition, it will employ an “earn now and connect later” model. They can simply register with their email and passwords at the moment. While they connect their Web3 wallet afterwards to receive their rewards.

This RPG joins the other 17 works already on Nakamoto Games portfolio. Even better, it will massive affect the gaming ecosystem upon launch. At the moment, 6,000 users engage in 16,000 games on a daily basis. However, it is expected that the figures will rise even further with this new release.

Roadmap of the Outlanders MMORPG

Outlanders MMORPG Roadmap Reveal

  • First Phase (July 2022) – The initial launch of Outlanders. The game will go live as a web-based MMORPG.
  • Second Phase (Q4 of 2022) – The introduction of a mobile app version available on IOS and Android devices. This will offer users increased accessibility to fantastic gameplay and in-game rewards.
  • Third Phase (Q1 of 2023) – Outlanders will integrate pioneering move-to-earn rewards into their MMORPG, allowing players to reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle.
  • Fourth Phase – (Q2 of 2023) – Outlanders is going VR, bringing the virtual world to life and enhancing the immersive experience of the players.

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