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Bomb Crypto Holds Buy S Heroes Get MetaDog Trial NFT Event

Bomb Crypto, a play-to-earn bomber blockchain-based game platform, announces the launch of a new event, Buy S Heroes – Get MetaDog Trial NFT Event. The event will offer users the opportunity to get one Trial NFT to play the MetaDogWorld game when they buy up to 15 S Heroes.

The Trial NFT can be used to take part in MetaDogWorld where players can get up to 4 BUSD. Each user is eligible to receive only one NFT during the promotional campaign. It is worth mentioning that after getting the 4 BUSD, the Trial NFT will become invalid and can no longer be used.

When is the Buy S Heroes Get MetaDog Trial NFT Event?

The event is scheduled to start on June 22 and runs until July 21. As soon as the event starts on June 22, participants can join to get the Trial NFT. The MetaDogWorld game will launch on July 8 and users with the Trial NFT can join the game and use their Trial NFTs to farm BUSD.

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How to Join the Event

Interested participants are required to visit the official game platform of Bomb Crypto and on the main interface; the user should select the event icon to join the event. Next, the user is required to purchase 15 Heroes S so they can claim their one Trial NFT of the MetaDogWorld game.

After buying the 15 S Heroes, you will notice that the “Buy Heroes” button will turn gray. When you have bought enough 15 S Heroes, the button will turn into “Claim Reward”. Click on the button to receive your Trial NFT into your wallet.

It is worth mentioning that you have to buy the 15 S Heroes from the Shop. The S Heroes you buy from the Marketplace will not count toward the event. The claim fee for the Trial NFT is 3 SEN.

You can directly claim the Trial NFT in Bomb Crypto but you have to pay MetaDogWorld game using the same BEP20 wallet that you use in playing Bomb Crypto.

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