Last Generation 0 NFT Horses Sale
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DeRace Announces Last Generation 0 NFT Horses Sale

On the 20th of December 2021, DeRace sold the limited edition of the Manor House Stables Horses. Following this sale, they announced via that discord server that they will be sale of Last Generation 0 NFT Horses. While bringing this to public knowledge, the game did not give details of the Generation Horses’ sale. It only stated the proposed date for this sale. With the date of the NFT sale at hand, DeRace is giving details of the Last Generation 0 NFT Horses Sale. This announcement came via DeRace’s medium page. Here are the details of this NFT sale event.

Details of the Last Generation 0 NFT Horses Sale

The sale of Generation 0 NFT tickets will begin from 10 AM UTC on the 23rd of December. This sale will continue till 10 AM UTC on the 29th of December. There are only 700 NFT horse tickets available for sale. Therefore, sales will also end if the tickets sell out before the 29th of December. Considering that this is not an auction, tickets will sell at a fixed price. The prices of the NFTs will be in $BUSD.

Details of the Last Generation 0 NFT Horses Sale

Unlike the Manor House Stables NFT sale, there will be five tiers of horses instead of four. Here are the details of the various NFTs and their prices:

  • Olympian — 20400 $BUSD/ticket
  • Demi-god —  12240 $BUSD/ticket
  • Alfa —  4488 $BUSD/ticket
  • Beta — 2856 $BUSD/ticket
  • Omega — 1632 $BUSD/ticket

How to Partake in the Last Generation 0 NFT Horses Sale

This sale will hold on the Binance NFT marketplace. To be able to participate in this sale, buyers will need a Binance account. Interested participants without one can create a Binance account within five minutes. It is important to note that some Binance is banned from certain countries. Therefore, ensure that Binance works well in your location before participating in this sale.

After creating the account, fund your $BUSD wallet. With your account ready, simply navigate to the section of this sale on the Binance platform. Once you are in the sale’s section, scroll through to select the horse you want and click on “Buy Now” to complete purchase.

About Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance NFT, the official NFT marketplace of Binance, offers an open market for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors and creative fans around the world with the best liquidity and minimal fees.

Consisting of three product lines: Premium Events, Mystery Box and a Marketplace. Now, Binance aims to build the first and largest GameFi NFT trading platform for gaming projects via IGO (Initial Game Offering) — featuring core in-game assets from top gaming projects.

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