Revv Racing NFT Cars Redemption
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Revv Racing Announces NFT Cars Redemption

The long wait is over, and players will soon be able to take to the racetracks. This is because Revv Racing has announced the NFT cars redemption. While issuing the update, the team also apologized for the delay in the launch of this process. According to them, the pushback was due to difficulties they encountered while compiling the list of winners.

Details of the Revv Racing NFT Cars Redemption

While making the declaration, Revv Racing also emphasized that it was glad to inform players they can now redeem the NYC assets they desire. Meanwhile, it also pointed out that there are conditions that participants must meet to get a piece. In addition, the game also issued a guide that will make the process easy and seamless.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your Revv Racing NFTs:

  • Get a SuperFarm car voucher handy. If you do not currently own one, you can purchase it from OpenSea.
  • Keep your NFT.NYC Keys is close by, as you will need them as well. They are also available on OpenSea.
  • After locating the items mentioned above, you can proceed with the Revv Racing NFT cars redemption.
  • For the SuperFarm vouchers, ensure you sent it to this wallet address –  0x7799c0b5DDA2900433643031254E879a46e007bD. Ensure you do this before 10:00 AM (UTC) on the 10th of August.
  • The NFT.NYC are also up for grab till 10:00 AM (UTC) on the 10th of August. However, you will have to send them to this wallet address – 0x97A5c067d6721dFE65E10C171Ab64c947a72EB1C.

P.S. – Ensure to send the vouchers and keys from the address you intend to receive them.

After completing this process, the team will take it up from there. They will validate the entries between that time and the end of the month. After which, the cars will be airdropped to the wallets from which the vouchers were sent. This will occur on the 31st of August by 08:00 AM (UTC). Players can begin racing with their cars once they receive them. All they need to do is simply connect the wallets to their accounts

Final Week of Asset Swap

Revv Racing Announces NFT Cars Redemption

Some time ago, Revv Racing had to discontinue F1 Delta Time due to issues with copyright renewal. Following that decision, the team allowed users to swap their assets for other games in the ecosystem. In this regard, Revv Racing is issuing a final notice to players that this is the last opportunity to do so. After this week, the offer will no longer be available.

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