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NFTb Launches NFTb MetaMarket on BNBChain

A complete multi-chain NFT and DeFi Platform, NFTb, has announced the launch of its MetaMarket with exciting rewards for all GameFi enthusiasts. The NFTb MetaMarket is the first NFT gaming marketplace on BNBChain that offers an all-inclusive solution for players, traders, creators, and guilds.

It is worth noting that NFTb has consistently supported Gaming NFT projects through the NFTb Labs and NFTb Launchpad since 2021. Backed by Polygon Studios, Klaytn, and Binance, the platform has continuously delivered on its promise, and its newly launched NFT MetaMarket is the new addition to its promise delivery.

In celebrating the recent launch, the NFTb team will drop attractive rewards in the coming weeks as it collaborates with renowned gaming projects and partners in the industry.

Highlights of the NFTb GameFi Reward            

The platform has announced the first reward pool drop for users and all GameFi enthusiasts. This reward pool contains 240 GameFi NFTs and 3,750 BUSD. According to NFTb, all NFT rewards have in-game utilities, such as weapons, staking, land plots, characters, and power cards. They also have a monetary value attached to them. 


Details of the Reward Pool

Here are the game platforms partnering with NFTb for the reward pool, and details of their contributions are enumerated below: 

  • XWorld Games: One of the top 20 collections on BinanaceNFT and top 10 games on BNB will release 10 NFTs.
  • X Metaverse: One of the top 15 collections on Binance NFT will also release 10 NFTs.
  • Defi Warrior: One of the top projects backed by renowned ventures, such as Okex, Signum Capital, Hyperchain Capital, and GateVentures, among others. This platform will release 108 NFTs.
  • Animalia: This platform will release 2 Genesis NFTs valued at $250-$300.
  • MetaRun: This game platform will supply 10 Character NFTsvalued at $60 to enable gamers to play a game with grants of up to 180% return on investment.
  • Wanaka Farm: The first relax-and-earn game in the GameFi industry will offer 14 NFTs.
  • Dragon Kart: This is a gaming project backed by top GameFi investors, such as Bigcoin capital and Alphamoon. The platform will supply 10 NFTs towards the reward pool.
  • Hydraverse: A gaming project backed by Exnetwork Capital, x21, and Everse Capital will also supply 20 NFTs.

Other gaming platforms that contribute to the NFTb reward pool include:

  • MetaFighter: 10 NFTs
  • Diviner Protocol: 10 NFTs
  • Cowboy Snake: 10 NFTs
  • Chimeras: 10 NFTs
  • Scotty Beam: 10 NFTs
  • Kybderyne: 6 NFTs

Winners of the rewards will be selected randomly after completing specific tasks.

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