Thetan Arena Introduces Custom Battles V2
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Thetan Arena Introduces Custom Battle V2

Thetan Arena is introducing a new MOBA concept to diversify how players have fun. This will take the form of the custom battle V2. With these changes, the game will also improve how users connect with one another globally.

The changes in the custom battle mode are a significant step in the right direction. Especially considering that the aim of this project is to create a platform where MOBA fans can create experiences. With the release of the custom battle V2, there will be massive upgrades that will take the game to a higher level.

The update now allows players to create their own custom battles in private spaces. Also, the host will also be able to invite spectators to come to watch these duels. As such, players can now create their own experiences and decide on the kind of gameplay they want. Additionally, they will also be able to connect with others.

General Rules for Participating in the Thetan Arena Custom Battle V2

Thetan Arena Custom Battle V2

As expected, not every player will be able to join the custom battle V2 on Thetan Arena. There are certain rules they have to follow and certain criteria they have to meet before they can engage in this game mode. They include the following:

  • To be able to participate in the Custom Battles, a user must have engaged in at least ten battles.
  • Both NFT and non-NFT players can join custom battles and create their own private experiences for themselves.
  • Tower Destroy, Deathmatch, and Superstar are the games modes available in custom battle V2.
  • Both the level and the trophy class will be at the maximum to ensure that the duel has more balance.
  • Battles can begin even when both teams do not have an equal number of players. In other words, a team of 2 or 3 can face a team of 4 players and vice versa.
  • There will be no rewards for those who emerge victorious from a duel, this is because the aim of custom battles is to enable players to create their own personal experiences.
  • Gamers will not be able to use skills that are blocked in ranking.

The player who initiates a custom battle is the host. As such, they have the authority to take the following actions:

  • Set a password for the room
  • Assign the roles to other players (players & live spectators) and transfer the role of the host to another player (a maximum of 3 live spectators are allowed in each room)
  • Invite other players into the battle as well as kick them out. Those who are kicked out of a custom battle will not be able to rejoin in 3 minutes.
  • Choose the game mode and map for the battle
  • Add bots to the battle

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