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Axie Infinity Partners With Tribally to Launch a New Website

Less than 24 hours ago, Axie Infinity teased community members of an impending partnership with Tribally. Following that hint, the team reveals that both parties have worked to launch a new website for this esports ecosystem.  This update comes after the release of Homeland Alpha Season 1.

Exciting Features of the Axie Infinity New Website

Axie Infinity New Website will feature significant improvements to the old one. For starters, the site is now faster and loads within seconds. This way, web users do not have to wait forever before accessing different options online. Considering that this is the landing area for current and prospective Lunancians, Axie Infinity wants to ensure that they get a wholesome experience.

Furthermore, the visual appeal of this new website indicates the eSports ecosystem’s plans as a digital enterprise. In addition, it is more spontaneous and appeals to web2 and web3 gamers. There is also a trailer that interested gamers can watch to learn more about this eSports project. Sky Mavis wants to usher in more traditional gamers to its eSports platform. As such, they need to create an enabling environment for this category of gamers.

Like with the recent updates of the esports game itself, Axie Infinity new website has better visually appealing art. Players can use them creatively, like uploading them on social media profiles. They can also incorporate these graphical representations into user-generated content.

Axie Infinity New Website Launch

The site now offers different landing pages for the different needs of lunacians. This includes:

  • Axie Builders Program
  • Axie Creators
  • Whitepaper
  • Community-created Code of Conduct
  • Games
  • Marketplace
  • $AXS

The prizes of different Axies, Eggs and other digital assets are listed on the homepage. There are also tips on how to get free Axies. This gives players first-hand information on how much they need to assemble a formidable team.

The idea behind simplifying the navigation process is to ensure that web visitors can easily find their way around the web pages. In this modern era, nothing puts people off like a website that is difficult to navigate. Besides the submenus listed above, players can easily access live gaming options as the latest news directly on the homepage. Furthermore, the system also displays the date for these gameplay modes.

Below are some of the options available at the time of this announcement:

  • Origins Season 2
  • Homeland Alpha
  • Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers

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