Mist Metaverse Launches the Mist Chain
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Mist Metaverse Launches the Mist Chain

Mist Metaverse is set to launch its own Mist Chain. Earlier this year, the team hinted that a new era is coming. They added that the developers are working towards transforming the metaverse. The devs have developed the testnet of an EVM-compatible blockchain that will provide fast and affordable transactions across dApps and games.


Mist Metaverse has a history of introducing groundbreaking innovations. Some references include the 3D NFT Marketplace, high-quality web3 MMO, P2P NFT Auction House the seamless wallet. The blockchain is the latest addition to its cabinet and the next step on its journey to delivering an exceptional gaming experience.

For a long time, the team has been working underground toward designing this initiative. The aim of this product is to ensure efficient transactions across dApps, especially games. This will ensure that web3 gaming enterprises can onboard new players without having to bother about costly gas fees.

Details of the Mist Metaverse Mist Chain

Details of the Mist Metaverse Mist Chain

The Mist Metaverse Mist Chain is an Ethereum Virtual Machine. When it is fully deployed, projects will be able to transition to the blockchain in one click. Since it is fully EVM compatible, developers can migrate their dApps to the network using Solidity. In this regard, there will be no need to change the original coding language in which the project was written.

This blockchain will be supported by the $MIST token. As such, users will pay gas fees using the game’s native coin. The team wants to create an extensive ecosystem around its cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Mist is working towards launching the testnet version of the chain within a week. An announcement will be made to that effect soon.

In the meantime, there will be grants and other forms of support to projects that will migrate to migrate or develop innovations on the Mist Chain. The aim is to encourage more developers to either deploy or build on this blockchain. Anyone who joins this network will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fully EVM-compatible network that is designed for first-time builders and gaming projects.
  • Easily deplorable and functional smart contract that is designed to ensure seamless web3 gaming.
  • Fast and cheap transactions that are paid in $MIST tokens.
  • Ability to build with Solidity without changing the programming languages of the project.
  • One-click integration with MetaMask.

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