Surviving the Undead in the All-Stars Arena of XPLA
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Surviving the Undead in the All-Stars Arena of XPLA

The tokenomics model of The Walking Dead: All-Stars on XPLA is finally out. We are sharing all the key information on the matter.

So, you can grasp the game’s special economic system, how XPLA will share revenue, and the buyback mechanics as well. All these things will help make the XPLA ecosystem even better.

The Core Value of TWD Tokenomics

Like MiniGame Party, TWD: All-Stars shares revenue with players as well. So, a portion of the earnings from ads and purchases goes into the Convert Pool and it changes to Unknown Coins and $XPLA. This stable system benefits all the users of XPLA.

A key thing to keep in mind is that ad rates vary by country. Furthermore, the Key Points you earn from ads also depend on these rates. So, in some regions, purchasing ad passes may be better when compared to other regions.

Buyback and Rewards

Up to 85% of TWD’s ad revenue goes towards buying back $XPLA. This system is put in place to promote a positive token cycle that rewards the most dedicated players.

The Core Value of TWD Tokenomics

Breaking Down the Tokenomics

The basic unit to keep in mind is the Key Points that you earned from ads and purchases. Secondly, the Keys are what you can craft from the Key Points you earn to unlock Safes. Finally, the Safes contain items like Unknown Coins that you can use for $XPLA conversion.

Knowing the nature of the ads that show is also important. Making them too visible can make the experience less fun, and XPLA is aware of that. That is why all the ads are non-intrusive and tailored to players.

About The Walking Dead: All-Stars

Enjoy a strategic mobile game that offers the survival horror world of The Walking Dead in PvE and PvP. It offers deep gameplay and characters, and it pushes immersive storytelling to new heights. The game is available on both iOS and Android, so anyone can join in the fun.

Prepare for Your Adventure

So, assemble your squad wisely, as each hero brings unique abilities to the game. Finally, you need to ask yourself the simple question: are you ready to battle the undead hordes? If so, we suggest that you download the game right now and dive into the rich journey that the platform has to offer with this game.

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