STEPN Integrates Apple Music for an Enhanced User Experience
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STEPN Integrates Apple Music for an Enhanced User Experience

In an exciting new feature, STEPN has collaborated with Apple to integrate Apple Music support into their Web3 app! This integration with a major tech giant is a huge milestone. As a result, we will see STEPN’s offerings get much better, and they will help evolve the relationship between Web2 and Web3.

Additionally, their efforts will also prove to be a beacon for other platforms that are in the same field. So, here’s everything that you need to know about this new move.

Context of the Apple Collaboration with STEPN

Previously, the platform worked with Apple to make Apple Pay available to its users. Having this service present in Web3 gaming for payments is a huge step and one that users love. So, adding Apple Music to the fold is basically their second major collab, and it will also have huge effects.

This shows how companies that usually work in Web2 are now embracing Web3 apps more and more. In fact, it is a clear signal that there is a future where Web2 and Web3 will thrive together.

Context of the Apple Collaboration with STEPN

Merging Music and Movement

According to STEPN co-founder Yawn Rong, “Our mission is to maximize engagement through user-friendly features. Music is integral to daily routines like working out or commuting. By integrating Apple Music, we allow users to soundtrack their STEPN experience with their favorite tunes for a more immersive connection.”

Remarks from Co-founder

Co-founder Jerry Huang added, “In a world of constant change, integrations like Apple Music and STEPN shine a light towards the future, where Web2 and Web3 complement each other. We’re excited about that vision and grateful to our community for embarking on this journey with us.”

What’s Next for STEPN?

While the team celebrates this achievement, they continue developing new features and partnerships to further improve the app. So, you need to stay in touch for more updates on what’s next from them!

For now, enhance your experience on the platform by syncing it with your Apple Music library. This integration ushers in an exciting era of Web2 and Web3 collabs. The gap will keep getting smaller, and we will see a whole new world of possibilities. The future looks bright, and we are excited to see what more it will offer!

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