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How Much Do You Need to Start Playing MOBOX?

MOBOX is one of the best blockchain gaming ecosystems that enables players to earn cryptocurrencies from playing. It is also the first cross-chain game for users to play on their preferred blockchain. Unlike other blockchain games, this program uses a different mechanism to introduce players to its system. It combines free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanisms for anyone who wants to start playing MOBOX.

Players can earn by games or engaging in yield farming. The gaming options include:

  • MOMOverse –
  • Clash of MOland
  • ChainZ Arena
  • MOland Defense
  • Block Brawler
  • Token Master

How Much Do You Need to Start Playing MOBOX?


To know how much you need to start playing MOBOX, interested players must understand how the combined mechanisms work. Although access to the game is free, users must stake in the crates section. In return, they will get crates that they can use to mine KEYS.

With a key, they can unlock chests holding avatars called MOMO. These are the characters they will use to engage in gameplay. Different avatars are available for users with different levels of rarity like Common, Uncommon and Unique. However, the best avatars are those listed below:

  • Rare: It has a hash rate of more than 30, and the owner can edit its name.
  • Epic: It has a hash rate of 80 or more, users can edit the name or add a personal message.

On the other hand, players can buy the keys or MOMOs directly from the marketplace. These creatures can cost as little as 5.2 $BUSD to as much as 800+ $BUSD.

To obtain a MOMO, follow these steps:

Deposit your token in the MBOX/BNB decentralized exchange’s pool. Click on the “Exchange Button” to swap your token. You can also purchase MBOX directly from designated centralized exchanges.

  • Stake your $MBOX in return for crates.
  • Mine your crates for keys.
  • Use your keys to open a check and reveal your MOMO.

The significant difference between these approaches to obtaining MOMOs is that players who buy in-game characters directly can quickly sell them off. This process helps them cut down on gas fees. However, users who stake $MBOX must unstake their holdings before selling them off. This incurs a gas fee of 5% of the current price.

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