Vulcan Forged Unveils HeXenagos: A Dynamic Turn-Based Strategy Game
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HeXenagos Beta Launch: Vulcan Forged’s Saga of Divine Warfare Takes Flight

Vulcan Forged, a leading name in the web3 entertainment landscape, has unveiled its latest gem – HeXenagos.

This dynamic turn-based strategy game emerges as a testament to innovation and community spirit within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

HeXenagos immerses players into a realm of divine conflict of blockchain games, where strategic prowess and tactical wit reign supreme.

In this mythical setting, two factions, the Hoplites and the Amazones, clash in a bid for dominance. The gods, seeking to avert catastrophic warfare, appoint Xenagos as commanders to battle on their behalf.

These Xenagos, empowered by enchanted medallions, lead their troops into celestial battles high above mortal lands. The game unfolds over eight intense rounds, where players maneuver units, employ special abilities, and vie for victory points through capturing buildings and vanquishing foes.

The game’s lore paints a vivid picture of a world teetering on the edge of celestial chaos, urging players to etch their names into the annals of eternal glory as Xenagos.

The Hoplites, known for their mastery of tactical warfare and formidable bronze armor, stand in staunch defense, while the Amazones, fierce warrior women from the icy Borean mountains, exhibit unparalleled combat prowess.

HeXenagos introduces a diverse array of units, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and mythos abilities

The strategic depth lies not only in assembling armies but in resource management and adept utilization of these abilities.

The game’s Beta phase, launched on November 16th, offers players unrestricted access to 13 units from the Amazones and Hoplites factions for a month.

This presents an opportune moment for players to delve into the gameplay mechanics, earning XP and familiarizing themselves with the units before venturing into competitive arenas.

Vulcan Forged Unveils HeXenagos- A Dynamic Turn-Based Strategy Game

Vulcan Forged’s commitment to community engagement and innovation is evident in HeXenagos’ release.

The game represents a convergence of technological innovation and immersive storytelling, promising players a captivating and challenging experience within the evolving web3 gaming landscape.

HeXenagos stands as a testament to Vulcan Forged’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of blockchain-based gaming.

As players step into this celestial conflict, they embark on a journey where skill, strategy, and cunning determine the rise to glory or descent into defeat in this captivating realm of divine warfare.

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