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MOBOX Kicks Off ChainZ Arena Season 7 with New Updates

The cross-platform gaming metaverse, MOBOX, has announced the launch of its ChainZ Arena Season 7 with the latest updates to the tournament.

A total of five groups of legendary and epic heroes have been included this season. These new additions are Apollo, Ares, Eros, Poseidon, and Zeus. In total, twenty heroes will participate in the season.

Highlights of Updates in ChainZ Arena Season 7

MOBOX has made some updates this season to give players a better experience than the previous season. First, it is worth mentioning that Elemental summoning is now available, which means players can summon shadow and light elemental heroes in the game. Here are some other updates that are made in the game.


Distinctive Difference between Elements

Differences exist between the two-element heroes of shade and light and the four elements of earth, wood, water, and fire. 

  • The adventure point for shadow and light heroes is the epic quality (20) and legendary quality (180).
  • The required scroll number for each element summoned for shadow and light hero is 2. 
  • The material heroes with greater or equal to 7 stars when the shadow and light heroes evolve must be shadow or light elements. 
  • There is a difference between the required MEC for light and shadow heroes’ evolvement compared to the other four-element heroes with the same star level and quality. 
  • The light and shadow heroes in the hero alter are different when compared to the other four-element heroes. 
  • Shadow and light element heroes can be considered as any of the four-element heroes of earth, wood, water, and fire to form a halo.

New Adjustment in Advanced Summoning Probability

The advanced summoning boosts the output probability of shadow and light heroes and the original probability and output technique needs to be modified. The epic probability and legendary probability have been adjusted.

Other Updates to ChainZ Arena Season 7

  • The Arena and Royal Arena will boost the ranking rewards for each day.
  • Island Brawl prize pool has been added.
  • The ranking reward and in-game consumption reward have also been adjusted.
  • A substitute team in the Arena is added and both defensive and offensive lineups can be used as a substitute team. If the primary team is defeated, the substitute can continue to fight.
  • The hero trial chest boosts the probability of dark and light element artifacts dropping.

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