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MOBOX Releases ChainZ Arena Game Update Season 15

MOBOX, the cross-platform gaming metaverse, has released ChainZ Arena Season 15 update. The update focuses on Season Adventure Points, Hero Store Items adjustment, Dungeon Expansion, and Hero Level.

The latest updates to ChainZ Arena will deliver a better gaming experience to all users on the platform. Here are the highlights of the S15 Update.

Details of the Season Adventure Points Update

MOBOX mentioned it is adding a reduction feature to the Season Adventure Points. From the beginning of the new season, the platform will reduce the Season Adventure Points cap by 8% from their current cap. The game mentioned it will award Hero Coins according to the reduced Season Adventure Point at a ratio of 1:1.

It is also worth mentioning that users can preview the available data on the reduction from the start of Season 14. However, the feature will come into effect from the launch of Season 15.

Highlights of Hero Store

The game platform also announced it has adjusted the features of the Hero Store. According to MOBOX, it has added new runes to the store. It has also adjusted the prices of items in the Hero Store. Users can visit the store to explore the different items and the latest price attached to each of them.

Highlights of the Dungeon Update

The team mentioned that it expanded the chapter cap for the dungeon from 99 chapters to 130 chapters. Users can view this feature when they visit the game platform.

Highlights of Updates to Hero Level

MOBOX revealed it had extended the hero level cap to 400. In light of this, the team will adjust the relationship between the Star and the level cap of the heroes on the platform.

Heroes that have lower than eight stars will have their relationship remain the same and unchanged. The highlights of the Star and the New Level Cap are enumerated as follows:

  • 8-Star: 300 Level Cap
  • 9-Star: 320 Level Cap
  • 10-Star: 340 Level Cap
  • 11-Star: 360 Level Cap
  • 12-Star: 380 Level Cap
  • 13-Star: 400 Level Cap

In other news, MOBOX has released details on how users can obtain a Mystery Box on its platform. Users can open the Mystery Box to get random MEC Crystals or rarity MOMOs to upgrade their MOMO.

They can get two different Mystery Boxes through the MOBOX Raffle. More details are available on the Twitter page of the game platform.

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