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Mist NFT Pre Alpha Goes Live

After the long period of wait and testing, the moment is finally here. The Mist NFT Pre Alpha will be available for playing by 20:00 UTC on Monday the 9th of May. This is a major stride. Considering that this is the first time that Mist world will be going live since the launch of NFT Island in 2021.

However, this is a “Pre Alpha”. As such, certain features may not be perfectly fine. To that effect, Mist NFT is issuing a pre-launch checklist. This will serve as a guide that will enable participants to get a better user experience. Anyone looking to join this testing MUST do these things. Else they may not enjoy their playing time.

More importantly, this is just the pre alpha. Meaning that there will be an alpha and a beta edition of the game. More so, this first edition will be in stages. So more players will get the opportunity to join.

Mist NFT Pre Alpha Checklist

To ensure optimum gaming, kindly go through the pre alpha checklist.

  • Before joining the game, ensure that you have 100k MIST. On the other hand, you can hold NFTs within tiers 3-5. You can buy from other players or from the Mist NFT Marketplace. The reason is that only players who own the number of tokens or class of assets stated above will be able to join. Other than them, winners of Whitelist Round 1 will be able to enter. Users who do not fall into any of the following categories will not be able to join.
  • The game will be able to available for download by 8 pm UTC on the 9th of May. Players will download the game launcher as a zip file. There are multiple servers. As such, ensure to select the one closest to your location.
  • Ensure to connect your Metamask wallet to the BSC Testnet and that it contains BNB tokens. This is very important as you may not be able to connect to the game if you fail to do so. As you will not receive free testnet BNBs that you will need for participation in the Mist NFT pre alpha.

Connect to BSC Testnet

  • Remember to use in-game commands like “/unstuck”. As mentioned earlier, some features are not fully developed. Should your character be stuck, type /unstuck into the chatbox. This will take your character to a safe place where you can resume playing again.
  • Just like the point above, you will encounter certain glitches within the game. While there is an option to get out of it, do not just ignore it. Ensure to report every single bug you notice. The dev team is expecting that there will be a few bugs. So do not hesitate to report anyone that you notice.

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