New Season of CyberTitans: Prepare for Battle!
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New CyberTitans season arrives next Monday with several updates


  • Oktopod joins the game: A new character, Oktopod, arrives to challenge players and change game strategies.
  • $1,600 in Prizes: The top 1,500 players have a chance to win part of a prize pool, from $200 for first place to tickets for other competitors.
  • Improvements to the rating system: The ELO system has been updated to offer fairer competition, considering the player’s score, that of their opponents and the league they are in.

Fans of the exciting auto-chess strategy game CyberTitans, developed by LitLab Games, are in luck.

A new season is about to begin, and it brings with it exciting new features that promise to revolutionize the gaming experience.

Starting next Monday, February 19, players will be able to immerse themselves in a world of competition and challenges with the arrival of the Oktopod Season.

One of the biggest surprises of this season is the introduction of a new character: the Oktopod.

This enigmatic character promises to change game strategies and challenge players to adapt to his presence on the battlefield.

However, players won’t have much time to get used to it.

New CyberTitans season arrives next Monday with several updates

Since on March 7, the pink heart will color CyberTitans, indicating the arrival of great prizes and surprises

Speaking of prizes, the season brings with it a generous prize pool of up to $1,600, going to the top 1,500 players.

From first place with a prize of $200, to 1000th place with 80 tickets, all players will have the opportunity to be rewarded for their skill and dedication in the game.

Additionally, all dollar prizes will be delivered in the form of $LITT, the game’s virtual currency, directly to players virtual wallets.

But the news doesn’t stop there.

The season also brings with it an update to the ELO rating system, which will now determine points won or lost based on various criteria, including the player’s score, that of their opponents, and the league they are in.

Speaking of leagues, the league system remains intact, granting additional rewards to players who reach new leagues.

From the Basic league to the Cybernetic, each offers its own exclusive rewards, from seasonal messages to special reactions.

The new season of CyberTitans promises endless excitement and exciting challenges for players of all levels.

With new features, tempting prizes and an improved ranking system, it’s time to prepare for battle and prove who is the real cyber titan!

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