Spider Tanks Launches Tiger Week and Announces Tiger Tanks Sale
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Spider Tanks Launches Tiger Week and Announces Tiger Tanks Sale

Spider Tanks is launching Tiger Week. For the next 7 days, players will engage in battles and earn significant rewards. Within this week, the game will also be offering the Tiger Tank for sale. Gamers will get an amazing opportunity to improve their arena battle teams.

Details of the Spider Tanks Tiger Week

The Tiger Week will begin on the 3rd of July and continue till the 10th of July. Over the course of these 7 days, participants will be opportune to earn from a prize pool of 200 common Tiger Hero tanks. In addition, one lucky individual will receive a Legendary Tiger Hero Tank.

Despite the early announcement of Tiger Week, the team did not give further details. Although they did state that the timezone is Pacific Standard Time, Gala Games did not reveal the exact start time. Instead, it promised to release a leaderboard for players to track their progress.

Tiger Tank Sale

Spider Tanks is launching a Tiger Tank Sale exercise. This is an opportunity for players to assert their dominance in the battle arena. All Planetary Union Engineers teamed up to produce this vehicle that automatically improves an individual’s arsenal. This tank combines an ancient mythical animal with the potency of modern technology.

Tiger Tank is a Hero tank. This means that players can purchase its individual parts. Instead, they will have to buy a complete in-game character to upgrade their artillery.

Details of the Spider Tanks Tiger Week

As part of the Spider Tanks Tiger Week, the team will be offering these NFTs to players. The sale will begin at 12 Noon Pacific Time on Wednesday, the 5th of July, when half of the available number of tanks will be released. Meanwhile, the remaining NFTs will be made available by 8:00 PM Pacific Time on the same day.

On the said date and time, Gala Games will make these digital assets available on The Spider Tanks Store. Meanwhile, players who purchase these NFTs using $GALA, $ETH, or credit cards will receive a 5% discount. However, this offer will reduce over time and will change without any prior notice. In addition, it may no longer be available as the second back of Tiger Tanks is launched.

Below are the different prices and number of NFTs available for each variant of the Tiger Tank:

  • Uncommon Tiger Tank: $120 – 300 units.
  • Rare Tiger Tank: $250 – 200 units.
  • Epic Tiger Tank: $440 – 80 units.
  • Legendary Tiger Tank: $1,380 – 50 units.
  • Ancient Tiger Tank: $5,000 – 30 units.

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