Star Atlas Unveils the Golden Era Destination Starbase
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Star Atlas Unveils the Golden Era Destination Starbase

Star Atlas has unveiled the next landmark of the Star Atlas Golden Era – Destination Starbase. This is an important part of the journey to SAGE. To mark it, the team is revealing some unique spaceships that players can utilize in and out of the game.

Meanwhile, the spacecraft is not the only highlight of Destination Starbase. The game will enable players to craft gameplay loops and undertake space resource extractions. However, owning an aircraft is essential to performing these functions. These ships can serve as combat vehicles and or resource extractors.

Details of the Star Atlas Golden Era Destination Starbase

Details of the Star Atlas Golden Era Destination Starbase

Brand-new versions of spaceships are the hallmark of the Star Atlas Golden Era Destination Starbase. These versions of the spacecraft are more maneuverable than any past or current editions. They move better between resource hotspots to mine and harvest materials. Individuals who own these digital assets will become less reliant on external supply chains.

Meanwhile, anyone who mints the first 30% of the mining ships will receive a 50% discount. However, anyone who misses out and purchases a spaceship from the second 30% will pay the full price without a discount. Those who join the final 40% of the aircraft remaining for sale will pay an additional 10% of the actual price. Therefore, interested buyers should quickly visit the Galactic Marketplace to buy a spacecraft NFT.

There are several ships in Destination Starbase. However, Star Atlas will only be making Tranche 1 ships available to users. Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 will be put on sale after this current collection is sold out. It is also possible that the next batch of spaceship NFTs will become available in the next gaming module of SAFE.

Only the following aircraft NFTs are available for purchase:

  • Armstrong IMP.
  • Armstrong IMP Tap.
  • Armstrong IMP Tip.

Each of these spaceships has its own unique abilities and benefits.  The onus falls on players to do their own research before making a choice. They can also get more details from the Armstrong Industries Ship Brochure.

Ship Configuration Upgrade

Star Atlas is upgrading every ship available on the Galactic Marketplace. This step will ensure that gameplay is balanced and everyone has decent winning chances. There will be modifications to the Crew, Modules, Components, Crew Stations, and Interior Elements. Players can visit the Star Atlas Lore Wiki to get comprehensive information about this modification.

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