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Axie Infinity and Artic Announces Artic Origin Art Contest

The Artic Origin Contest is live and all artists are free to participate. Artic, the Axie Missionary/Web3 investor, and Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game platform, have announced the launch of the Artic Origin Art Contest. The objective of the contest is to incentivize top-quality, eye-catching artwork that excites people about Axie Infinity: Origin.

Entries that are dynamic and eye-catching have a high potential of winning the contests. It is worth mentioning that there is no restriction to the type of artistic medium that can participate as the contest is open to all artistic mediums.

The total prize pool for the context is 1000 $AXS and it is valued at $51,000 at the time the platform announced the event. In addition to the prize pool, the first-place position will also receive an Origin Axie. A total of 100 winners will be selected from the entries.

What are the Guidelines for the Contest Entry?

To send in your entry, you must post your artwork on Twitter and tag @AxieInfinity and @Axie44 on Twitter. Also, you have to use the #ArticOriginContest hashtag on your post and then send a message to @Axie44 with the link to your entry’s tweet.

Interested participants must submit all entries before 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time on May 5, 2022. You are required to use an Axie for your contest entries and the link to the Axie can be found on the official Twitter page of Axie Infinity and Artic.

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Highlights of the Details and Rules of the Artic Origin Art Contest

Anyone can submit an entry. While creating your artwork, you must ensure that you feature a minimum of one of the Axies provided. Additionally, all entries have to feature the art style of Axie in Origin. You do not have to submit artwork pieces that compare the old art style with the Origin’s art style.

When you participate in the contest, you automatically agree that Artic can use your Artwork. However, no artwork will be monetized without the express permission of the artist. While you can submit multiple entries, you can only win one prize. Also, sending in multiple entries does not guarantee that you will win.

As mentioned, any art style can be submitted, including physical artwork, animation, and digital art. However, you cannot submit an artwork that is not personally created by you. All artwork pieces shall be evaluated based on the personal discretion of Artic and the piece’s appearance.

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