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Alien World Updates TLM Total and Circulating Supply

Earlier on, a number of users noticed that there were changes to the Total and Circulating Supply of TLM on CoinMarketCap. This caused a number of them to raise eyebrows, thinking that it was some mistake. However, Alien World has come forward to assure users that everything is in order.

In a recent press release, the blockchain gaming outfit stated that it has long since given the updated information to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. However, these platforms have not been using the official API to obtain the latest data on TLM. Alien World even referred to a report published by Binance earlier in April 2021 that highlights the metrics of its token.

Details of the Update on TLM Total and Circulating Supply

Despite the update, the max cap for TLM remains 10 Billion units. However, there are other changes that are just taking effect on CMC or CG. The Binance report is very extensive. It covers everything regarding the total and circulating supply. This includes a breakdown of the token sale data.

  • Seed Sale Allocation – 706,190,476 TLM
  • Price of Seed Sale Token –  0.0021 USD / TLM
  • Seed Sale Amount Raised – 1,483,000 USD
  • Presale Allocation –  343,333,333 TLM
  • Price of Presale Token –  0.0030 USD / TLM
  • Presale Amount Raised – 1,030,000 USD

In addition, it also gives comprehensive information regarding the allocation of tokens for different purposes as shown below:

  • Seed Sale –  13.75% of the total token supply
  • Presale – 6.69% of the total token supply
  • Binance Launchpool  – 2.92% of the total token supply
  • External Protocol Development – 3.50% of the total token supply
  • Marketing 9.24% of the total token supply
  • Alien Worlds Foundation 13.14% of the total token supply
  • Advisors 5.35% of the total token supply
  • Team 14.60% of the total token supply
  • Governance 3.89% of the total token supply
  • Liquidity Provision 5.84% of the total token supply
  • Staking Rewards 3.41% of the total token supply
  • Security Audits 0.78% of the total token supply
  • Ecosystem Grants 14.24% of the total token supply
  • Participation Rewards 2.72% of the total token supply

About the Alien World

alien worlds bsc

Alien Worlds is an NFT DeFi metaverse that simulates economic competition and collaboration between players. It achieves this by incentivizing players to compete for Trilium (TLM).  This in-game reward is necessary to enable players to compete in the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (“Planet DAOs”) and to gain access to additional gameplay.

Players can acquire NFTs to mine TLM, engage in battles, and complete in-game quests. Furthermore, they also enjoy governance benefits by electing members of the Councillors of six Planet DAOs.

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