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SquareEnix Launches NFT Auction for New Web3 Game Symbiogenesis Today

Square Enix, known for its iconic “Final Fantasy” series, has ventured into the world of Web3 games with its latest project, “Symbiogenesis.” This game, built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks, marks the renowned company’s first entry into the decentralized gaming ecosystem.

The company has announced plans to conduct an auction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to Symbiogenesis. This auction will take place in three phases, starting from November 27, offering participants the opportunity to own digital collectibles essential for the gaming experience.

The auction structure has been carefully designed for different participant groups, based on their involvement in the recent Allow List Entry Campaign. The first phase will be an exclusive sale of 10 NFTs for associates, with a limit of one NFT per wallet. The second phase will offer 90 NFTs for the top-ranking participants in the campaign, also with a one NFT per wallet limit. The final phase will open the sale of 400 NFTs to all campaign participants, with no purchase limit and a broader range of NFT categories.

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Who Can Participate in the Symbiogenesis Event?

Active participation on social media, engagement in Discord activities, and possession of SYMBIOGENESIS relics will determine eligibility and ranking in these phases. Additionally, higher-ranking participants will have the chance to receive free character NFTs during the second phase of the auction.

Symbiogenesis presents itself as a digital collectible art project that blends traditional gaming elements with NFT technology. The game incorporates a unique feature where three players will have the opportunity to influence the final result based on their in-game achievements.

While players can enjoy the main storyline of Symbiogenesis without acquiring NFTs, owning these tokens unlocks additional content and provides the ability to influence the game’s outcome. Instead of a massive release, Square Enix adopts a more gradual strategy, releasing NFTs in limited quantities with each new chapter of the game, gradually revealing small portions of the vast world of the game.

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