GuildFi Announces Its Winter Launch with New Features and Rewards!
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GuildFi announced a major platform upgrade

GuildFi, the innovative ecosystem that merges blockchain-games, digital collectibles, and communities, has just taken an exciting step with its latest winter update.

This significant improvement aims to improve the user experience and elevate rewards through new functionalities such as the addition of the leaderboard and milestones, as well as the renewal of the level and mission systems.

To celebrate these achievements, GuildFi is hosting a series of activities with rewards valued at over $1,500.

One of the most exciting new additions is the introduction of “Milestones“. These allow users to earn additional rewards by continuously completing missions.

Upon reaching certain milestones, additional rewards are unlocked, creating an experience similar to the battle pass systems present in video games.

The SnowSync Winter launch event includes seven levels with various rewards as users complete specific missions. Once enough points are accumulated following the set criteria, users unlock levels and can claim their rewards.

Additionally, by unlocking all levels, participants can earn BTC Gacha Boxes that offer different prize possibilities in each box in this Play-To-Earn Launch.

Another exciting addition is the GuildFi seasonal leaderboard

This feature rewards the most active users based on two main factors: the number of guild experience points (GXP) spent in the market and the number of experience points (EXP) earned by completing various quests.

Users with higher rankings on this table can receive tangible rewards, such as an iPhone 15 or rare Web3 assets.

The update also increases the maximum user level to 20, allowing users to earn special privileges and additional rewards in the future.

GuildFi announced a major platform upgrade

Additionally, improvements have been made to the quest system, including better integration with Steam, making it easier for users to earn rewards by completing quests related to games in the Steam ecosystem.

GuildFi continues its mission to create an interconnected ecosystem that maximizes player benefits and encourages active participation in various activities and games within its platform.

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