Lacoste Celebrates 90 Years of Fashion and Innovation with The Sandbox
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Lacoste Celebrates 90 Years of Fashion and Innovation with The Sandbox

Lacoste, the global fashion company known for its iconic crocodile emblem and French sporting heritage, has teamed up with The Sandbox, a leading Web3 gaming platform, to celebrate its 90th anniversary with a unique digital experience. The Lacoste World Tour, which runs from November 23 to December 6, 2021, is a branded multiplayer experience that features different themed locations inspired by Lacoste’s history and culture.

Players can explore Tokyo, São Paulo, Paris, and Golf Island, and interact with various Lacoste characters and items. They can also participate in mini-games and quests to earn rewards in $SAND, the native token of The Sandbox ecosystem.

The Sandbox x Lacoste World Tour is a Multiplayer Experience

The Lacoste World Tour is the latest venture into the digital realm by Lacoste, which launched its virtual boutique earlier this year, attracting more than 100,000 visitors. By partnering with The Sandbox, Lacoste aims to reach a new generation of Web3 users and fans and showcase its creativity and innovation in the metaverse.

The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform that allows users to create, play, and monetize their own 3D voxel worlds and games. It has over 1.5 million monthly active users and has partnered with major brands such as Atari, Smurfs, Care Bears, and The Walking Dead.

Lacoste Celebrates 90 Years of Fashion and Innovation with The Sandbox

Arthur Madrid, the CEO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said that the partnership with Lacoste symbolizes “a fusion of timeless tradition and cutting-edge innovation”, and that together, they are “sparking the evolution of fashion, culture, creativity, and digital experiences for the upcoming generation”. 

Sebastien Borget, the COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, added that the partnership is “a celebration of creativity, allowing players and fans to bring their imagination to life and shape their adventures in the world of The Sandbox”.

Benjamin Blamountier, the vice president of global brand and customer experience at Lacoste, commented that the partnership with The Sandbox is part of Lacoste’s strategy to expand its presence and influence in the digital space, beyond the two-week anniversary celebrations. 

He also announced that the holders of the UNDW3 NFT card, a limited edition digital collectible that grants access to exclusive events and content in The Sandbox, will have the possibility to win a prize of 100,000 SAND tokens during a special launch event. The Lacoste World Tour is now live in The Sandbox and can be accessed through the official website or the game client. Players can also join the official Discord and Twitter channels for more information and updates.

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