Life Beyond Agility Trials Update: All You Need to Know
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Life Beyond Agility Trials Update: All You Need to Know

Life Beyond has released the Agility Trials Update. This recent patch note covers improvements to gameplay, UX upgrades, bug fixes, and other minor changes. While announcing the upgrades, the team also reassured players that these modifications are designed to improve user experience.

For example, the team has activated new simulations within the Simulations Terminal. As such, people will need to learn and implement some athleticism during training. There will now be next-level pieces of training, instead of the regular process. As against just reaching the finish line, players will overcome obstacles that will test their balance, speed, and precision. However, the overall gameplay experience will be more exciting.

Details of the Life Beyond Agility Trials Update

Details of the Life Beyond Agility Trials Update

Several integrations and changes are occurring to ensure better gameplay. To achieve this aim, there will be several UX improvements to the terminal. For example, Life Beyond is increasing the number of buttons in these terminals. Furthermore, these buttons and other aspects of the user interface will become more responsive. Getting the gaming controls to respond quickly to commands is essential to improving precision.

In addition, the team changed the loading screen to represent the activity that will occur next. They will also streamline the simulation process to ensure that transitions occur much faster. Integrating these two modifications in the Life Beyond Agility Trials Update will prevent glitches that may occur due to a faster gameplay speed.

As mentioned earlier, there will be a new simulation to make trial runs more exciting. It will include moving lasers, restricting obstacles, and crumbling platforms. To give players an insight, Holders of the Founder Key will be opportune to test the new Simulations Terminals on the 27th of June. After that, the team will take their feedback and conduct some finishing touches on the system. Other players will gain access to the updated version from the 10th of July.

Meanwhile, the new edition of gameplay is more than just speed. As the name states, Solo Combat Trials are mostly about agility and maneuverability. Therefore, people will not score maximum points by simply crossing the finish line first. Factors like movement efficiency will count during the course of gaming. Near misses, falling off, getting hit by lasers, and not using certain abilities will adversely affect a player’s scores.

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