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Gala Games’ The Walking Dead: Empires New Leaderboard Events Start Tomorrow!


  • Starting June 3rd, The Walking Dead: Empires will implement weekly events challenging players’ skills and strategies.
  • Each weekly event, with different objectives, will reward the top 200 players with valuable in-game prizes.
  • Along with the start of the events, a game update will be released through the Gala Launcher, necessary to participate in the new activities.

Gala GamesThe Walking Dead: Empires is set to introduce a series of new features aimed at intensifying the survival experience in its post-apocalyptic universe. Starting tomorrow, June 3rd, weekly events designed to challenge players’ skills and strategies will be implemented, where players will compete for territory dominance and valuable rewards.

These events, held weekly, are structured to offer varied challenges that will test different player abilities. Each event will begin on Mondays at 5pm PT and last for one week, ending just before the next event starts. The goal is clear: only the top 200 players of each event will receive in-game rewards.

The first event, called Deadland Scavenge, urges participants to extensively explore in search of rare resources. The second, Build the Future, encourages creativity and efficiency in crafting essential items using the previously gathered materials. In the third week, Survivor’s Trial, players must accumulate the most experience (XP) possible, strengthening their characters. Finally, Walker Wipeout will close the month with a fierce competition to see who can eliminate the most walkers.

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Gala Games Effectively Responds to Community Requests

The launch of these events is a direct response to player feedback during the game’s public development phase. The developers have opted to start on a moderate scale, allowing for adjustments and improvements based on participant observations. This approach aims to perfect the gaming experience and ensure that future updates are even more exciting and rewarding.

Additionally, it is important to note that along with the start of these events. A new version of the game will be released. Players should be on the lookout for a required update through the Gala Launcher to participate in the new activities and enjoy the implemented improvements.

The Walking Dead: Empires seeks to enrich gameplay and intensify competition among players. With challenges designed to test various skills and the promise of valuable rewards for the best.

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