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Gala Games and 22Cans Present the Highly Anticipated Business Game “Legacy”

Gala Games and 22Cans Studio jointly announced Legacy, a business simulation and city management game. Available on Mac and PC through Gala Games.

Legacy takes players to an open world where they can build, manage, and expand their business empire alongside the community that surrounds them.

Legacy stands out by placing a strong emphasis on creativity and customization, giving players the ability to make every crucial decision on their path to becoming business tycoons.

From scratch, players can grow their businesses, from small ventures to industry leaders, creating unique products from a wide range of components and refining their business strategies to maximize profits.

The complexity of the game will challenge players, who will have to manage all aspects of their business ecosystem, from the conception and manufacturing of products to worker accommodation and civic facilities.

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In Legacy, Creativity is the Limit

Legacy’s environment is characterized by competition, inspiring players to strive for excellence in product quality, employee satisfaction, and city uniqueness. Success in the game requires a strategic balance of business acumen, efficiency, and effective leadership.

The game deals with morality and logistics; these factors will influence the outcomes of your businesses through how you treat your employees and the environment.

Its integration with blockchain technology, introducing elements such as play-to-earn, player ownership and NFTs, allows players to earn real-world profits by trading in-game assets and businesses.

When assets are traded, the associated skills and benefits are transferred to the purchasing player, adding an additional layer of strategy to the game.

Land NFTs, crucial for establishing business partnerships in the game, were made available for sale in December 2021, with players investing over $42 million in them.

Iain Wright, Design Director at 22Cans, expressed his excitement about the limitless creative possibilities in “Legacy.” He highlighted, “Everything in Legacy is in the players’ hands, and creativity is the only limitation in the game.”

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