Axie Infinity's Origins Season 8 Mystic Era is Now Live
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Axie Infinity’s Origins Season 8 Mystic Era is Now Live


  • Start of the Mystical Era in Axie Infinity with a prize of 16.2K AXS.
  • Challenge Mode returns for a limited time during this era.
  • Players with collectible Axies at the Challenger rank can obtain Collectible Chests.

The Axie Infinity community is in full swing with the release of Mystic Era Season 8, marking the end of the Epic Era.

This transition brings exciting new features and challenges for players looking to dominate the world of Lunacia and claim their share of the 16.2K AXS prize.

The highly anticipated return of Challenge Mode during the Mystic Era has captured the attention of players, offering exciting new upgrades such as 12 mystical and 10 epic enhancements.

These additions not only ramp up the thrill of battles but also introduce deeper strategic considerations for players to explore and master.

Furthermore, the increased rewards in terms of AXP and Moonshards provide an added layer of motivation for players to engage actively in gameplay and strive for success.

This boost in rewards not only acknowledges players efforts but also encourages healthy competition within the Axie Infinity community.

For collectors of rare and special Axies, there is also good news.

Ownership of these collectible Axies grants players the opportunity to unlock Collectible Chests by attaining the prestigious Challenger rank during this era.

This adds an extra dimension of achievement and reward for dedicated collectors, aligning with Axie Infinity’s ethos of rewarding player dedication and skill.

Axie Infinity's Origins Season 8 Mystic Era is Now Live

These chests offer additional rewards, based on the rarity level of the Axie collectible they own

Which adds an element of exclusivity and reward in NFTs for the most dedicated collectors.

The Mystic Era not only represents a new opportunity for players to excel in the arena, but also marks the beginning of intense competition for strategic dominance.

During the Epic Era, strategies with Feather Fan Birds and Venom comps dominated the scene, generating speculation about which compositions will stand out in this new era.

Players are eager to try new combinations and theories to reach the top of the leaderboard and claim their well-deserved rewards.

With the promise of more exciting updates and rewards on the horizon, the Axie Infinity community is gearing up for two weeks full of epic battles and innovative strategies.

The Mystic Era is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards the Final Era, where an impressive 35% of the AXS prize pool will be up for grabs.

Prepare for battle and see you in the Lunacia arena!

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