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Aqua Farm Outlines Plans to Introduce a Specialized Guild System

Aqua Farm has outlined its plans to usher in a specialized guild system in a recent update. This is a different approach to the general process involving blockchain gaming associations. Thanks to this upgrade, club owners and their members will enjoy more profits from the game.

Meanwhile, the development team has introduced new challenges to the game. These additions will make gameplay even more interesting for players. Contestants will get to enjoy more exciting features in the ongoing 3rd closed beta that will end on the 14th of April.

Details of the Aqua Farm Specialized Guild System

Aqua Farm has stated that it will introduce the new specialized guild system. In the meantime, the team gave community members a preview of what to expect.

One of the highlights is how players can either create new guilds or apply to join existing ones. To establish a new one, users will need the following requirements:

  • Guild name that is 2–15 characters long
  • Tag with up to 3 uppercase English letters or numbers.
  • An emblem that features a unique background and mark.
  • 100 $AES

With these elements in place, interested users can create their own guild by simply filling out the form. This is only possible when the specialized has been added to the players’ dashboards.

On the other hand, individuals can apply to join existing associations. Some guilds require permission from leaders or moderators. However, there are others where people can join immediately. Meanwhile, a single player can only join a maximum of four guilds at the same time.

Aqua Farm Specialized Guild System Asset Lending

After gaining admission, there are different things people can do in their guilds. One of those is lending their NFTs with other members and earning $AES tokens. To do so, these digital assets must meet the following conditions:

  • More than 20% total buff rate for Guardians.
  • Normal Aree: Level 30
  • Rare Aree: Level 12
  • Epic Aree: Level 5
  • Legend Aree: Level 3

Anyone who wants to share their in-game items with guild members must pay $AES as Union Fees. The amount will be determined by the moderators or leaders. Once they fulfill this requirement, they can start renting out their digital assets for passive income. Furthermore, NFT owners can recall their assets anytime they want.

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