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DeRace Binance DERCember Sale Goes Live

As at the 17th of December, DeRace made it public that it will be dropping the beta version of its horse racing game. After that notice, two different horse NFTs were sold as well. They include the Manor House Stables and the Last Generation 0 horses. With two days to the official launch of the beta game, DeRace Binance DERCember Sale goes live. This announcement was made on DeRace Medium Page. Here are the details.

Details of DeRace Binance DERCember Sale

On the 26th of December, buyers can now purchase DeRace Horse NFT tickets. To enable players buy or sell horses, DeRace is using the Binance NFT marketplace for this sale. Since horses are non-fungible tokens in this game, players will be trading them as “tickets”. Players will first have to buy the corresponding horse as a ticket. After making the purchase, they will then proceed to redeeming. To redeem horses from their tickets, buyers will have to transfer tickets to their Metamask Wallet.

When purchasing from Binance NFT Marketplace to your Metamask Wallet, only withdraw to the BSC network to avoid loss of assets. Players can follow these instructions on how to redeem their tickets. After redeeming a horse, you will not be able to return it back as a ticket. Once you make purchase, it may take 48 hours for the horse to appear in your wallet. Therefore, you may need to exercise patience. Also, do not close main transfer window while you are approving the transactions on Metamask. Doing this may end the transaction.

How the Ticket Exchange Mechanism Works

DeRace also gave a detailed process of how the exchange mechanism works. This mechanism applies to the redemption of all tickets, not just for ticket ID 100300399398 and higher. For Generation 0 NFTs, the the horses themselves will correspond to their tiers. For features like their looks, gender or breed, they will be random. Therefore, players cannot choose them in advance.

DeRace Binance DERCember Sale before DeRace Beta Launch

DeRace Beta game is launching tomorrow the 28th of December 2021. To fully enjoy the game, you need to have horses. Although NFT horses are available in tickets, you cannot race them as tickets. After buying your ticket, use the following instructions.

  • Go to and press Ticket Redeem button on the main page or
  • Choose the Binance DERCember option and press “Please log in”
  • Connect your Metamask wallet and choose the ticket you want to exchange
  • Choose the receiver wallet address where your new NFT horse will be sent toAgree with the terms and conditions. Note that this Wallet address has to be Polygon (MATIC) network.
  • Confirm ticket transfer

You will receive your ticket under the MATIC Mainnet network within 24-48 hours. All the other horse ticket redemption also follows the same process.

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