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DeRace Introduces a Novel Sustainable Player Earning Model

As part of its commitment to delivering a better game experienceDeRace, a play-to-earn NFT-based horse-racing metaverse, has introduced novel sustainable player earning functions to its game. These never-seen-before earning functions, growth incentives, and utility expansions have been incorporated into the DeRace Beta 1.1.

The goal is to enhance user experience and give players more opportunities to win in the game. The new sustainable player earning model will reward gamers with in-game utility NFT tokens for three different actions. These actions are creating, engaging, and governing.

Highlights of DeRace Sustainable Player Earning Model

With the growth in the core DeRace metaverse, the in-game earning model combines create-to-earn, engage-to-earn, and govern-to-earn features. This player economy model exceeds the standard models because it rewards the gamers with in-game utility NFTs for different actions. Here are the highlights of this model.

  • Create-to-earn: It provides players the chance to create NFTs on their own.
  • Engage-to-earn: This provides players the opportunity to earn $DERC NFTs rewards for different activities on the game platform.
  • Govern-to-earn: This focuses on the ability of the community to govern the game’s ecosystem. This allows the community to manage the game and earn rewards.

DeRace has revealed that it will implement the model step-by-step while expanding and developing the ecosystem. For every DeRace Beta version, the developer will combine its development efforts and ensure that they focus on the benefit of the whole community. The Beta version has been grouped into three stages; Beta 1.1, Beta 1.2, and Beta 1.3.


More on Beta 1.1 Version

The Beta 1.1 version focuses on Create-to-earn, metaverse expansion, and ecosystem expansion. Beta 1.2 concentrates on Engage-to-earn elements of the game platform and the gameplay expansion. Beta 1.3 on the other hand is completely focused on Govern-to-earn elements of the game platform. Each version has been slated for release across the year. At the end of the beta versions launches, the platform will launch the full version of the DeRace game. This will deliver the full DeRace-to-earn model with exciting opportunities for players.

More Details of the Game Platform

DeRace is a play-2-earn NFT-based horse-racing metaverse. The platform offers players the opportunity to take part in horse races and breed NFT horses with exceptional characteristics. It also allows them to own NFT hippodrome and earn profits while at it.

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