Parallel TCG Launches its Open Beta Season 4
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Parallel TCG Launches its Open Beta Season 4


  • Launch of Parallel TCG Season 4 with new updates.
  • Exclusive Battle Pass rewards and new legendary card.
  • Upcoming updates, including Planetfall Replication and a referral program.

Parallel TCG has launched its highly anticipated Open Beta Season 4, bringing with it a host of exciting updates and rewards that promise to enhance the gaming experience for all players.

Among the highlights of this season is the release of patch 0.51, which includes significant improvements to the user interface, bug fixes, and adjustments to card abilities, especially for the Kathari and Shroud factions.

These changes aim to provide a smoother and more balanced gaming experience.

One of the main attractions of this season is the new Battle Pass, which offers players the chance to unlock exclusive cosmetics, a special title, and a legendary card called Cestmir, Descendant of CAINE.

This card, with the keywords Muster, Shielded, and Defender, is a powerful addition to any deck, as it can deal 4 damage upon entering play and protect itself against the next enemy card effect.

Additionally, Cestmir can block attacks directed at the player or another allied unit, making it a key piece for defense.

In addition to the Battle Pass rewards, players can obtain new cosmetics including three Paragon skins, a new card frame, and a card back.

Upon reaching level 33 in the Battle Pass, the “Descendant of CAINE” title is awarded, a recognition for the most dedicated players.

Another exciting addition is the Prime Boost for Companions, which is finally available and allows players to earn additional in-game rewards when using companions in their deck.

Parallel TCG Launches its Open Beta Season 4

Upcoming Updates and Events in Parallel

But the excitement doesn’t end there.

In June, the release of Planetfall Replication is expected, which will bring more content and challenges for players.

Additionally, a referral program with a monthly leaderboard will be introduced, where players can compete for exclusive avatars.

This program will start in June and offer new ways to interact and compete within the community.

Season 4 also includes several adjustments and changes to cards to improve game balance.

Cards like Workshop’s Forward Assembly Mechanic, Triumph of Europa, and The Rubicon have been modified to offer a fairer gaming experience.

Furthermore, changes have been made to the rules regarding how attuned cards and controlled enemy cards function, adding an additional layer of strategy.

The team at Parallel Studios has grown, incorporating new developers, quality control specialists, and UI/UX designers to continue improving the game.

They are also monitoring game stability and taking action against rule violators to maintain a fair and balanced gaming community.

With all these improvements and updates, Parallel TCG Season 4 promises to be one of the most exciting yet.

Players can expect an enhanced gaming experience, new strategies, and many rewards to discover.

It’s the perfect time to dive into the world of Parallel TCG and enjoy all the updates and events that this season has to offer!

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