New Era in Axie Infinity! Discover the Evolution of Axies
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New Era in Axie Infinity! Discover the Evolution of Axies

Axie Infinity has witnessed an exciting milestone with the launch of the part evolution feature on the App.Axie platform.

This revolutionary change redefines the Axies economy by allowing parts of these digital creatures to evolve, creating exciting dynamics and strengthening the bond between players and their Axies.

The evolution of Axies parts not only marks a technical advance, but also introduces a way to apply deflationary pressure to the population of Axies.

This process requires specific materials, ascension levels, and AXS tokens, along with a set time.

It is an upward journey, where Axies must reach specific levels to evolve their parts: one to level 10, two to level 20 and so on up to six parts to level 60.

The essence of this process lies in obtaining and offering materials in the Flame of Atia in App.Axie

The cost of evolution varies by part and can be instantaneous if the required materials are duplicated, although it typically takes 96 hours.

Radiant Spirit Shells are essential for evolving special parts and can be acquired by ascending Mystic Axies, obtaining them from the Garuda Shrine store, or purchasing them from the App.Axie market.

The excitement doesn’t stop there: the ‘Race to Evolution’ challenge has been launched .

The first 10,000 evolved Axies have a chance to earn valuable rewards, such as Radiant Spirit Shells and Origin Axies.

Axie Infinity: Evolution of Axies in App.Axie

Additionally, the owner of the first Axie to evolve all of its parts will receive a Mystical Axie, an incredible feat!

The community has also actively engaged with events such as Town Hall to discuss this exciting change and its implications.

This step not only responds to a technical development, but also marks the fulfillment of a dream that the Axie community has harbored for 6 years.

It’s a significant step forward, not only for Axie, but also for the NFT-based gaming world.

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