Aavegotchi Announces Important Developments for the Next Year
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Aavegotchi Announces Important Developments for the Next Year

The year 2024 is poised to be a landmark period in the evolution of Aavegotchi. As several crucial infrastructural elements are set to be established, the stage is set for the realization of our envisioned gaming platform. Here is a brief overview of five significant developments that will be our focus in 2024.

The Aavegotchi Gaming Console (AGC) is a comprehensive suite of services residing on the Gotchichain, designed to elevate the gaming experience. AGC encompasses a variety of features, including a unified player profile with DID technology, a cross-game progression system, a game launcher, an integrated marketplace, and a loyalty program. 

AGC’s integration allows Aavegotchi games to leverage these services, aligning with the vision of Aavegotchis as versatile “crypto companions” across multiple games.

GHST Staking 2.0: Enhancing Token Utility in the Aavegotchi Universe

GHST Staking 2.0 is a new initiative to enhance the utility of GHST, the primary eco-governance token of the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Following the discontinuation of FRENS, GHST Staking 2.0 proposes a dual-token staking mechanism that employs both GHST and GLTR tokens, with rewards distributed in ETH. This system is slated for introduction to the DAO in early 2024.

In celebration of AGC and Gotchichain’s launch, a special NFT Mint event is planned, featuring a sale and airdrop of NFTs. These NFTs, while not mandatory, will play a significant role in the achievement and rewards system of Pixelcraft Studios’ games, such as SFA, Gotchiverse, and Gotchi Guardians, facilitating play-to-own incentives and gamified achievements.

The focus will also be on releasing new and captivating gaming titles built on Aavegotchi, including Gotchiverse3D, Spirit Force Arena, and Gotchi Guardians, with Licky’s Escape and other games enhancing the portfolio. Support for community games and collaboration with other gaming studios to utilize AGC will continue.

The Baazaar, Aavegotchi’s native marketplace, has achieved over 52 million GHST in trading volume. With AGC’s introduction, the Baazaar will further expand and decentralize, enabling games built on Aavegotchi to offer their NFT collections, complete with creator royalties. This opens up endless possibilities for creating and trading skins, power-ups, avatars, and more.

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