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Outer Ring Reveals Latest Dev Update and New Features

In the latest development update of December 2023 for Outer Ring, players were greeted with significant innovations that wrapped up the year on a high note. The final update of the year brings a fresh visual touch to the Dev Update, making it easier for players to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

The most noteworthy news is the successful integration of the Galactic Quadrant (GQ) into the game. After months of intensive development, this token, the heart of the Outer Ring universe, seamlessly integrated into the Pre-Alpha phase of the game. This achievement is shared with the explorers who were an active part of its development.

Within the game, GQ takes center stage in the Arena Battleground. Accessing this new game mode is straightforward. Players need to seek out the inhabitant of the Great Silver City who holds the keys to the standard battlegrounds, approach, and voilà! A new door opens, revealing an entrance to a whole new level of gaming experience in the universe.

Key information about this feature includes a fixed entry price of $3 in GQ, with 90% of the total ticket cost distributed among participants and only the top three players after the battle being able to claim their well-deserved rewards.

Outer Ring Improved Its Graphics, Mechanics, and Added New Game Modes and Tournaments

Blink Galaxy, the ecosystem surrounding Outer Ring, has also undergone significant enhancements. In addition to using the bridge in the Outer Ring Dapp application, players can now directly deposit GQ into their Blink Galaxy account via the platform. This provides complete and easy access to all transactions in one place, facilitating deposits, minting, and claiming GQ within the account.

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The update also introduces two new PvP maps, Desert Outpost and Black Lake, offering unique and diverse experiences for players. Desert Outpost is a military hideout in the middle of the desert, ready to host battles for up to 6 players. On the other hand, developers designed Black Lake as an arena for the most competitive players, where 1 vs. 1 battles are the norm.

Moreover, the developers have introduced leaderboards to measure players’ skills and compare them with other inhabitants of the Great Silver City. This component adds a competitive element to the game, allowing players to showcase their skills in the arena.

The art team has carried out additional improvements to the game, focusing this time on the textures and layers of two iconic species: Mechs and Oracles. By adding innovative materials to their base armors, Mechs and Oracles now interact with ambient lights. The transformation also reaches the Fungal Forest in Fanet, which has undergone a vibrant overhaul with new lights, colors, cosmetics, and hidden corners.

The update concludes with a glimpse of the future that awaits in 2024. Although the current version is Pre-Alpha and still in development, the team expresses gratitude to players for their continuous support and commits to constantly improving the gaming experience.

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