Huge News for Gensokishi Metaverse! MV Chain is Coming
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Huge News for Gensokishi Metaverse! MV Chain is Coming


  • Infrastructure Evolution: Gensokishi Metaverse is transitioning from Polygon to its own MV CHAIN, using Arbitrum Orbit technology, to enhance user experience and expand metaverse capabilities.
  • User Experience & Connectivity: MV CHAIN will use $MV as the Gas Token to lower costs and barriers for gamers, and connect retail merchants and brands to the metaverse, offering real-life benefits.
  • Diverse & Secure Ecosystem: The new chain will support smart contract development in various languages and maintain Ethereum’s security standards, with a roadmap for a smooth transition by the third quarter of this year.

The Gensokishi Metaverse, also known as Genso Meta, has announced a groundbreaking evolution in its infrastructure. The platform will transition from a single-chain support architecture based on Polygon to its own MV CHAIN, utilizing Arbitrum Orbit technology. This move is set to revolutionize the user experience and expand the metaverse’s possibilities.

Optimizing User Experience with MV CHAIN

The introduction of MV CHAIN aims to lower the entry barrier for gamers unfamiliar with blockchain technology. By using $MV as the Gas Token, players can avoid purchasing ETH or Matic for gas fees. The MV Chain promises lower and more predictable costs, with the potential for the platform to cover gas fees in certain scenarios.

Expanding On-Chain and Off-Chain Connectivity

MV CHAIN is not just for gaming; it will provide a seamless connection for retail merchants, major brands, and institutions to the metaverse. Achievements in Genso Meta will extend beyond the virtual world, allowing players to enjoy real-life benefits and enhancing their in-game characters through physical activities.

Enhancing Metaverse Diversity

Huge News for Gensokishi Metaverse! MV Chain is Coming

The new chain will support smart contract development in various programming languages, offering a more user-friendly environment for future partners. With the security and stability of Ethereum’s network, MV CHAIN will maintain high-security standards while fostering a diverse range of metaverse experiences.

The Roadmap to MV CHAIN

The transition to MV CHAIN will be smooth, with assurances that users will not lose assets or game progress. The expected completion is set for the third quarter of this year, with major milestones to be announced. These include:

  • Bridging $MV Tokens to Arbitrum ONE
  • Building DApps on Arbitrum One
  • Establishing the MV CHAIN community
  • Deploying MV CHAIN testnet and mainnet
  • Launching the web and app versions for MV CHAIN BETA
  • Officially releasing the MV CHAIN BRIDGE and asset migration tools

The Gensokishi team acknowledges the potential concerns and inconveniences this major change may bring. They are committed to addressing these issues and view the upgrade of $MV to the MV CHAIN base currency as a significant step in their WEB3 journey. The community’s continued support is greatly appreciated as they embark on this new chapter.

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