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Job Tribes Game Set to Hold September Lottery Event

Job Tribes, the world’s first workplace role-based blockchain game platform, has announced its September Lottery Event. The event, which requires players to clear quests and collect as many Lottery Tickets as they can, will start on September 20 and ends on September 23. 

The grand prize for the event is 10,000 $DEP for 45 winners. Following the end of the event on September 23, Job Tribes will review the results and collate the list of the winners. The team will announce the names of the winners on September 27 at 3:00 pm (UTC+8).

What Does the September Lottery Event Entail?

Players who win a battle during the Lottery Event will receive Lottery Tickets as drop items. Event participants can also get the Lottery Tickets while participating in other quests, except the NFT Quests.

However, note you will get fewer tickets from participating in quests than you would in the Lottery Event. Job Tribes mentioned it will not add Fire and Earth amulets to the opponents’ deck.

Therefore, including Thunder and Nature amulets in your deck will give you better leverage in battles. Players with an NFT-enhanced amulet in their deck will receive more lottery tickets.

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What NFT-enhanced Amulets will give more Lottery Tickets?

According to the game platform, six NFT-enhanced amulets will give players more lottery tickets. Having these in your deck will be highly advantageous to you. Here are the NFT-enhanced amulets:

  • Common – Cameraman (Nature)
  • Common – Noa Izumi (Mobile Police Patlabor in the category of Nature)
  • Rare – AV-X0 Type Zero (Mobile Police Patlabor in the category of Thunder)
  • Rare – ARL-99 Helldriver (Mobile Police Patlabor in the category of Nature)
  • Legendary – Race Queen (Thunder)
  • Legendary – Lottery Salesperson (Nature)

Highlights of the Prizes for Job Tribes September Lottery Event

There are six categories of winners. The details of the prizes for these categories are enumerated below:

  • 1st Prize: 45 Winners will receive 10,000 DEAPcoin
  • 2nd Prize: 20 Winners will receive 5,000 DEAPCoin
  • 3rd Prize: 50 Winners will get 1,000 DEAPcoin
  • 4th Prize: 100 Winners to receive 500 DEAPcoin
  • 5th Prize: 2000 Winners to receive 100 DEAPcoin
  • 6th Prize: 10000 Winners to receive 10 DEAPcoin

Interested participants can purchase additional lottery tickets at the lottery ticket office with PALEcoin. Players with RARE NFTs or higher can leverage this to increase their winning chances. Winners will get a DEAPcheck each at the end of the event.

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