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Ookeenga Clarifies on How to Add BSC Testnet to Metamask

A 3D NFT-based play-own-earn collectible card game, Ookeenga, has released details on how to add BSC Testnet to Metamask and receive BNB to participate in the Ookeenga Testnet.

Interested participants in the Ookeenga Testnet must add BSC Testnet to their Metamask before playing the game. It is worth noting that Testnet is the demo version of Ookeenga, which simulates the game’s operations before its official release.

The aim of releasing the Testnet version is to test, measure, and fix errors to ensure glitch-free gaming at the official launch.

How to Add BSC Testnet to Metamask Manually

Step One: Open your browser and go to the MetaMask extension to access your account menu.

Step Two: Select “Setting”. Next, click on the “Networks” tab and then click on the “Add a Network” button.

Step Three: Fill out the required information when prompted on the screen. The details to fill out include:


How to Get BNB Testnet

After adding the BSC Testnet network successfully, the next step is to get the BNB Testnet to use the featur.es of the Testnet Network.

To get one Testnet BNB, GO TO THE Binance Smart Chain Faucet platform and paste your wallet address in the available box. Next, select “Give me BNB” and wait for your account to receive the designated BNB.

What is the Ookeenga Game all about?

Ookeenga is a 3D NFT-based gaming platform combining blockchain technology with exceptional graphics, attractive world-building and highly addictive gameplay.

The game platform aims to provide a unique and immersive play-own-earn gaming experience like none other. Ookeenga is a project of CROS Gamestudio.

The game is themed around a universe where insects evolved to develop a huge civilization in the Sacred Forest, an ancient forest known as Glaik. Glaik is grouped into two factions – the Aihika (Mixedblood) and the Akhah (Pureblood).

In this fantasy world, gamers have the freedom to create their tribes, build forces, and participate in brutal battles to gain dominion in the forest.

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