Nakamoto Games Laucnhes Escape on October 14th
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Nakamoto Games to Release Escape on October 14th

Nakamoto Games has announced the release date for Escape for the 14th of October 2022. With this new addition, the company cements itself as the fastest-growing metaverse project within GameFi. The firm is not just adding more options for players but also diversifying the gaming experiences.

This comes after the team announced that it would introduce free-to-play systems for the gameplay options within its ecosystem. Different Nakamoto Games will be available to interested persons who don’t have the required NFTs at specified times, including Escape. In addition, users will also get points that they can convert to more playing time.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Escape Launch

Escape is an AAA project designed to improve playability and profitability. This puzzle game has both single and multiplayer modes. It involves navigating Robots through dangerous obstacles and overcoming difficult situations. The challenges are highly sophisticated and require very deep thinking. For a very long time, players have been demanding games with higher qualities. This is why there is more emphasis on a top-level user interface and experience. Through this launch, the team re-emphasize their commitment to pushing the platform and industry forward.

Nakamoto Games Chainlink VRF Integration

This upcoming release offers top-tier 3D graphics. It also allows players to earn significant rewards for completing different levels. Escape is also the first and fully customized in-house program to be built by Nakamoto Games. Speaking of the game, the team has been working on it for the past six months. Seeing it come to fruition is a major stride, and everyone who contributed to the success story is very happy. Escape will be open to the public by 8 PM Thailand time on Friday the 14th of October 2022. The team encourages its community members to join in and enjoy this new experience. Once it’s time, they should visit the official website and search for it among the gameplay options.

While Escape is a massive breakthrough, the blockchain gaming ecosystem does not plan to stop there. In the coming months, the team will launch new projects to usher in GameFi 2.0 and maintain the new standards. Instead of just playing to earn, users will enjoy an immersive experience that will be as rewarding as the tokens and digital assets they will receive for winning.

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